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By Topprockin77

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  1. Alright my fellow Titleist boys, I am having trouble with left. I have a good swing and am playing off 8hcp. I cannot stop over drawing the ball. I can hit a fade and a fairly straight shot but I have to make myself do it. My natural swing produces a high draw flight but lately I cannot stop over drawing. Can you guys give me some tips, drills etc. To kinda help combat this over draw?

  2. could be a number of things or combination... grip too strong, ball position, laying off, too flat, etc.

    When is the last time you went for a fitting? Maybe your swing has changed and your clubs need to be adjusted?

  3. Take the club away inside low and slow, try to keep left arm flexible yet stiff and keep club on ground as long as possible dragging it basically with right hand if right handed, then accelerate forward body and arms naturally keeping big muscles and small muscles (ie shoulders and hips/hands), connected properly with grip, hands and shaft. Swing more upward at this point. Drive legs especially right side. Use two smallest fingers on left hand to control your grip and use both thumbs. Your pinky and next finger control your grip bounce.
  4. I went in for a fitting about 2years ago when I got my 716 ap2s. And I think your right cause I've changed my swing up alot I 2 years. Are you suggesting goin to get all my LLL checked for the new swing I'm using
  5. Thomas K

    Thomas K
    Steamboat Springs, CO

    One of the few things the very good players do is to ask people on the range who are familiar with their swings - What am I aiming at? Invariably we tend to work ourselves open or closed and simply can't see that we are not aimed properly. So I'd ask a good friend (and before you start making any bets) "What am I aiming at?"

    I'd bet you've worked yourself a little closed and are over-compensating.
  6. Dwayne N

    Dwayne N
    Island, KY

    Jeff is right could be lot's of things......I was having the same problem and I went to a local pro he said I wasn't getting my hips through the swing. Or not turning them all the way through the swing. Once I started rotating all the way through I started hitting the ball really well.
  7. Richard A

    Richard A
    St Neots, Cambs

    I'm doing the same thing but only occasionally in the last six months I'm a 10 handicap. I put if down to being to aggressive when striking the ball having too much hand/wrist action, or poor club head alignment. Check your alignment and that your club is square to target, check your grip, try to slow things down a bit don't get to aggressive and try to stay over the ball at impact try and feel like the club is doing the work. Seems to work for me. Otherwise it's a trip to your local pro for a lesson.

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