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By Richard A

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  1. Richard A

    Richard A
    St Neots, Cambs

    Hi I have a set of 716 AP2 irons 5 to p/w I am very happy with them at the moment but I am considering the AP3's but I will wait to see what the new model looks like next year. My question is about my hybrids 715H 18,21,24 degrees which fit in well with the gapping with my 3 wood 15 deg but that will give me 15 clubs. With the AP3's the hybrid lofts come out at 19, 22 deg to fill the gap between the 5 iron and 3 wood. My dilemma is that do I keep the 915H's and just adjust my 18,21 to suit, or replace them. I would also be interested what your thoughts are if I was to keep the 716's, would you adjust the 18,24 and take out the 21 to allow me to keep the 3 wood in the bag. Hope all this makes sense. I would be grateful for you suggestions.

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    My suggestion would be to not get too hung up on the specific degrees but measure your yardage gaps to determine how to build your set up. Length of clubs and head types between fairway woods, hybrids, and irons create distance differences as much as the loft degrees. I find that being a shorter hitter, my gaps are less on the longer clubs so I can go with greater loft variation on them and get tighter on the wedges. Everyone is different. Half the fun is figuring out what works best for you. Good luck and enjoy the journey.
  3. If you can get fitted on a driving range with a track man the fitter can dial your gaps perfect, most golf clubs will do it for free if you purchase your irons from them.
  4. Richard P

    Richard P
    Lorraine, QC

    Dale is right about not get hung up on specific degrees and mesure your distance.
    But I wont be surprise if you end with the 21hybrid and 24 hybrid..
    For me,these are more useful than the 18 degrees hybrid.
    Just look the use of each club during a round is a good base to decide.

    For me, the 21hybrid remplace my 3 iron and 24h the 4 iron.

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