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By Scott P

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  1. Scott P

    Scott P
    Annapolis, MD

    I am sure this has been asked but I figured I would ask it myself. Going for a fitting thurs, and looking to get new irons. My issue is that I am 6 handicap who really doesn't really work his iron shots, beyond a knock down or punch. I have always played AP2 because I loved they way they looked all compact, and really valued feel. Issue is when I get a little off, my iron shots will miss the green... usual side effect of a "players" club.

    I have been thinking that I might have to look into more forgiving irons, but have been reluctant due to looks and feel. I am starting think that is just stubborn, and it may really help me improve my handicap if I can turn a slight miss into a GIR.

    The nut of my question is that would the AP3 be forgiving enough or should I go straight to AP1? AP3 has more of the look, but since it's not distance I am after I am unsure how forgiving they are compared to AP2... I know they are longer, but are they also straigher? AP1's I know are as forgiving as it will get but they are a departure from my normal profile. If I blend would where would folks suggest stopping the AP1's at? 6 or 7 iron?

  2. Rob E

    Rob E
    San Jose, CA

    I think a Titleist Thursday will help you figure out what’s best for you. I switched to AP3’s from a combination of 712 CB and MB’s. I was a 3 index for a while and then age and some injuries slowed down my game. I was looking for forgiveness after a shoulder surgery and updated my irons to AP3’s with KBS Tour shafts. I played blades for a while because of liking the compact iron profile look. I can tell you that I’m not back to a 3 index but I’m loving the forgiving AP3’s and hitting lots of greens. My game is so much more enjoyable now with forgiving irons and the AP3’s look good too. Only negative with looks is the larger amount of offset in the long irons compared to the blades. My blade iron days are long gone and I’m ok with that. Titleist makes great looking players irons that are also forgiving too. Good luck with your decision making.
  3. Scott P

    Scott P
    Annapolis, MD

    Thanks for the input, that pretty much sums me up pretty close. Chased irons for looks and forged feel, but now I realize hitting greens is more important. AP3 does have quite a bit of offset, but I wonder if thats more tolerable than AP1 overall chunk. I am still thinking AP1 long irons, as I just am not good enough to work a shot from 170 out.
  4. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Lots of folks have gone to the AP1/AP2 mixed set with good results since most of their misses are with the longer irons. Shafts will make a difference too. Be sure and let your Fitter know that tighter dispersion is your most important goal and he will steer your fitting in that direction. Good luck!
  5. Scott, I am glad to see this question come up again. I too have been wrestling with this same issue as well. I am also a "look and feel" guy as well and like you also a bit stubborn. The AP 3's are definitely longer but we all know that is due to the lofts being stronger that what we may be traditionally used to. The number on the bottom of the club does not match what the MB's or even the AP 2's are. That's ok and probably will just take some getting used to but where my issue comes into the conversation is that if the corresponding loft of the AP 3 five iron is close to that of the 4 iron I have taken out due to not hitting that club well enough anymore, I think I will just have the same issue again only with the five iron. Also when I look down at the shorter irons and wedges they don't appear to have the loft I a looking for for that shot. I think it really comes down to playing what feels good to you and gives you the confidence you need. I also think the correct shaft is key!
  6. Tom P

    Tom P
    Stanley, NC

    You are a 6 handicap and have a iron fitting session scheduled. Those two facts put you in the top 10% of all amateur golfers. The shaft is the engine of the club. Keep an open mind and listen closely to your fitter. Based on what you have stated, I see no reason to move to AP1 or AP3. The AP2 or CB would be my recommendation. Don’t short change yourself. Get the right equipment, then practice and play. Those GIR’s will get better.

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