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By MRod057

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  1. MRod057


    I haven't gotten a change to go in and try out the new TS2 but I want to know your opinion over the 917 D2? Is it worth the upgrade please share your feedback, thank you!

  2. Shaunt Minassian

    Shaunt Minassian
    lantana, TX

    I can't speak for the TS2, I have the TS3. For me, it was very worth it. The head feels like the ball jumps off it much better than the 917. At my Titleist fitting, we switched heads and kept my gamer shaft. With the TS3 I was averaging 4mph more club head speed than the 917, BOOM!
  3. Scott P

    Scott P
    Annapolis, MD

    Like anything you need to be fit, but I think it's safe to say that coming from a 917 you will see an increase. My fitters tell me this is the first Titleist wood that can stand toe to toe with the speed you can see from other brands. Finally it's not just that the brand that finds the fairway, but this is a bomber too
  4. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Loved my 917D3... until I got my TS3. Now she sits in the garage, cold and lonely. Definitely do a fitting. I did the Titleist Thursday and tried both the TS2 and TS3.
  5. Getting an extra 10-12 yards with the TS2 over my 915.
    Love the feel at impact. Has been worth it for me.
  6. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    I brought my new TS2 to the golf course last week for the first time. I also brought my 917D2 along which I have had pretty much dialed in all year. Figured I might want to ease into the new driver, so brought both to make sure I was covered, just in case things didn't initially work as they should. It was 42 degrees and raw outside. So, I had 15 clubs in my bag. It's out of season. Sue me.

    Anyway, after warming up with some iron shots on the range, I hit my first shot with the TS. It felt good and surprisingly, went farther than expected. Nice sound too. Hit another. Felt good, went further than expected again, considering it felt like an off center strike. After another one, with a similar result, I went out to play. Never once, throughout the round did I hit a shot from which I did not get a good result. Even when I mishit it. (It was cold. I had a few less than perfect strikes. Gimme a break. ) I have not used the D2 even once since I tried out the TS on the range and then played it later on the course. I have played two full cold rounds since. The TS is the real deal. Can't wait to use it when the temps get warm again. In the meantime, distance is definitely longer than I would expect in these conditions.

    Sadly, the only thing about the D2 which is better than the TS is the headcover. Unfortunately it is a different design than the D2 version, which worked quite well. The TS cover seems a little like a pair of highwater pants when it is on the TS head. Way too short in my opinion. However, the performance of the club itself makes up for it. I'm presently thinking of other headcover options. Though my D2 cover fits it good, I would like to highlight (okay, brag) the fact that it's a TS. On the other hand, it might not be as big a target to thieves if I use an old cover.

    Hmmm, now that I'm thinking of this, I want to go research custom driver cover options. Any recommendations?
  7. Scott P

    Scott P
    Annapolis, MD

    Seamus wool is the way to go
  8. Definitely worth the upgrade, +10 yards for me!
  9. Tim H

    Tim H
    St Louis, MO

    Just finished fitting for new TS2 driver and 3 wood. Went from 917D2 to TS2 with the Projectx Evenflo shaft in both. Going to have decent weather tomorrow to try them out, can't wait.
  10. Richard P

    Richard P
    Lorraine, QC

    For me the TS3 or TS2 are the best Titleist drivers produced.
    The only way to see that is to compare your actual driver with the new one.
    After the fitting session, the decision will be clear.

    I did that and I bought my new driver after my fitting session . Previously, I had a 915D3 which I like a lot. But first forgiveness and second distance was better with the new model.
  11. El bandito

    El bandito
    Fife Bonny Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    100% better, well for me it was over my 917d2 driver.
    TS2 was 4/6 mph faster clubhead speed, 14/17 yards further on average.
    The sound and looks too = win win!
    Get it bought, you will not regret it.
  12. None of the above posts mention a CRITICAL parameter in the boasted improvements. What is your driver swing speed? For a beneficial comparison, it is important to know not so much the ball speed (smash factor) but how fast you deliver the clubface to the ball.

    I still have my 910, 913, 915, 917 … D3 with 9.5⁰ loft … and recently tried a TS3 with the same loft. We compared all five heads at an indoor facility with their launch monitor and my results were nowhere close to the above claims. Looking at the statistical bell curve average, my drives were ±268 yards. There was a trend of increased carry from older club to newer club, but not nearly as profound as what the above declarations are!

    Hits were with a Graphite Design QuatroTech MD-7 shaft. I also have a Fujikura Speeder and an Aldila VS, but those were not used. I do not jump on the marketing band wagon clamoring for the latest shaft Titleist offers. I find a shaft I like and keep it. I’ve had the MD-7 for almost eight years which is my main shaft, but I tried the other two because they have a pretty shade of blue. :-)

    I hit five to ten balls with each clubhead head and the best ball spin was 2300 RPM with most of them 25-2600 RPM and a few at 28-2900 RPM. There were some low-three-thousand RPM balloons as well. My swing speed … adrenaline at the start vs fatigue at the end … ranged from 105 MPH to 102 MPH.

    So what does this tell me? For a meager gain of slightly more than five yards from the 913 (I cannot stand the sound of the 915 and I am not a fan of the gray 917.) to the TS, paying retail for the newest driver equates to $100 per yard! For that kind of money I can make up the distance in my approach shot or spend the money on short game lessons.

    I recently changed back to the 913 because of the classic black with a bit of metallic paint and I love its sound over the other four clubheads.

    While many on this discussion board attest to the benefits of being fitted, my not-so-humble opinion is the golf industry’s marketing juggernaut clouds our minds. JS and JT realize distance gains with driver upgrades, but their 117 MPH swing speeds is beyond our league.
  13. John B

    John B
    Kenmore, NY

    Yes - I love my 913D3 too. Even compared to the 917s at a Titleist Thursday and the honest Titleist rep told me I wasn't gaining anything at that point by upgrading.

    Interested to compare to TS now.
  14. I was recently at my golf shop in a simulator, and just for kicks, tried a demo TS2 along side my 917D2. The feel was a lot different with the TS2, and I was gaining about 5 yards. However, what I was most impressed with was shot dispersion. Even on mishits, I had acceptable distance and not too far off the path. As I tend to get my money's worth by using all of the face and not just one little spot in the middle, more forgiveness makes it a viable option. I have a fitting scheduled to verify my own little test session.
  15. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Still playing the 917D2. Just not enough distance to justify a new driver. After working with my fitter/Titleist Product Specialist for about 45 minutes, we just could not get more than three yards. I hit my driver first, then the TS2 and TS3 with various shafts, including my current Fujikura Speeder Tours S. My club head speed was 88-90 mph with ball speed of 132 mph with both drivers and the ball came off at 1800-2200 rpm with a launch angle of 13-14* with both. Good numbers for my age, 72, but just very little gain in distance. I need more club head speed. Both felt great but not in the market this year for a new driver when hitting it in the middle already. A couple of buddies I play with love the TS drivers and they are ten years younger than me and they are gaining on me, now. Titleist makes some awesome drivers. Checked one item off my bucket list this year, a new 818h1 hybrid w/ a Motore Speeder Tour S shaft. My bucket list in 2019 is a new set of irons in the fall. Probably AP3s if they are still in stock. Like Titleist balls there is one for everyone's game.
  16. Tom B

    Tom B
    Northborough, MA

    Like some above I didn't feel that the distance was overwhelming enough. However, my 917 was nice and I loved the look and feel of it, but it didn't seem to work as well on off center hits, and be as forgiving for such. I kept going back to a old png that I absolutely hated the sound of but, it did not lose on off center hits. I took my old specs for the TS2 and a shaft that I was familiar with and liked previously. I must say that I'm very happy with my purchase. I feel the TS2 gives me all the performance I want from a great club from Titleist, but now gives me the forgiveness of the png. I feel I have the best of both worlds that Titleist put together in the one club. When traveling I used to take 2 drivers sometimes in case the game wasn't perfectly on (not that this could result from me of course) but the last trip down South I took only the TS driver and was able to perform with all the performance I wanted and forgiveness I needed. Very happy with this Driver.
  17. Having just moved from a 910 to the TS3 the difference was huge, I did try a cally Rogue too, the difference with the TS3 was less about distance (though a fair bit longer than the 910), but more about going straight. Ironically I was not fitted for the TS3 (was for the Rogue), went for the Tensei stiff and luckily spot on. The TS just lets you rip it and the flight stays so much straighter than anything I’ve hit before, 9 shots off my handicap and most of this is shots saved for the tee. The real star though is the TS3 fairway, not much shorter than the driver, pinpoint accuracy and an absolute delight to hit, great sound and feel and truly brilliant from the turf....
  18. Deno

    Hawthorne, NJ

    I just moved from a 910 D2 to a 917D2 this season. I'm always a few years behind in the cycle. The 917 D2 is an awesome driver. Spending the bucks for a TS will have to wait til next season. I usually play the ProV1x ball but the last few days I played the DT Tour Soft due to the cold weather in NJ. Great results from tee to green.
  19. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    The TS series is enough different that you should try a Titleist Thursday and be open to shaft selection. Using the same shaft probably won’t make enough difference. Yes part of the gain is the 1/4 inch increase in shaft length. That concerned me but subsequently I can still have same strike pattern.

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