TS3 9.5 w/ Tensei Pro Orange 70TX

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By zepolgolf

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  1. Does anyone happen to have this set up? Would love to get your feedback as well as the specs you set the club up to (tip trimm, swing weight, length, etc...)


  2. KCLeonardGolf

    San Diego, CA

    I tested it and preferred the feel of the Pro white 70TX more so that is what is in the bag.
  3. Steven C

    Steven C
    Royal Liverpool Golf Club

    Hi mate i have it tipped .5inch at 45inches. Tested all the weights and was not correct at all until I added the plus 4g weight into the head. Didnt realise how much testing you need to do with it but I'm happy with where i am now its the longest I have ever used.

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