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  1. orlando d

    orlando d
    west seneca, NY

    I currently have this shaft in my driver. A few yrs ago I went thru a full driver fitting and just could not find a shaft that felt good. I left there, went to a golf galaxy and found this shaft in a 910 D3 head and it felt great! I hit my 8 iron 155 yds and swing in the 88-95 range. I believe this shaft is too stiff for me though. Feel like I'm leaving yds on the table. I demoed the TS2 & TS3 and love them however I can't find anyone near me with a shaft selection more than 65 grams (evenflow white). I'm only 5'7" and have cut my driver down to 43". Seems like I would like the evenflow or hazard smoke in 70 or 80 grams at 43". Any help? I thought I could try a 3 wood shaft in the ts head but I don't think they are compatible. My zip code is 14059. I am willing to travel a bit but I just can't seem to get help. I want this driver but just can't justify the cost and not get what I really want and need.

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  2. with a 43" driver you will leave yards in the bag. If you went to a 45" and hit the clubface in the middle, you pick up quite a bit right there

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