MB-CB Comb Set Swing Weight

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By Patrick B

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  1. I was fitted for CB 4-6 and MB 7-P with KBS Tour V Stiff shafts with the Titleist cord grips at standard length and a swing weight of D4. I was told Titleist could not make the swing weight D4 with that set up. What is the highest swing weight available with the provided setup?

  2. Not sure about that exact spec... but what if you played with the grip. Try to find one that is different in weight enough to change the swing weight.
  3. I'm playing the CB 4-P with a swing weight of D4 from Titleist. I also have a set of MB 4-P with a swing weight of D4 that i did myself. Both sets have project X LZ 6.5 and Golf Pride MCC +4 grips with 3 layers of tape. I would go heavier grip or just add some tape for weight.

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