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By Kyle T

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  1. My family is asking me what I want for Christmas. I need a new driver and obviously I want a TS. Without being fit, is there a way to know if you would be best served with the TS3 or the TS2?


  2. Joseph M

    Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

    TS2 is High Launch/Low Spin and TS3 is Mid Launch/Low Spin with T2 8.5 - 11.5 loft and T3 is 8.5 - 10.5 loft. In addition to the head choice there are four stock shafts available with the possibility that none of these shafts will fit your swing. Without any information on your game, your present equipment and it's fit it is virtually impossible for anyone to make a recommendation and without a proper fitting a purchase has a high probability of being a total waste of money.
  3. Go with the gift card from your favorite golf "guy" and then go test all after Christmas. It may take a few visits, which will make January go away faster! Getting close to 90 days till March.
  4. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Both are great so you can't go wrong with either. That said, on paper I should fit best with the TS2 but doing the Titleist Thursday, the TrackMan numbers and the way it felt put me in the TS3. Nothing like getting a fitting before you commit.
  5. Nick S

    Nick S
    NE Indiana

    I agree with the above posts! I am a 14 handicap and everything on the monitors told me to go TS2 but I didn't like the look. I took the TS3 outside made some adjustments with my fitter and loving the TS3!
  6. I had the 917D3, and got fit into the TS3. For me, the TS3 gave me better numbers, and I like the look better.

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