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By JHurst

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  1. I’m looking to purchase a 12 degree driver which is very forgiving with a big head. I’m a 28 handicap. Any advice would be appreciated

  2. Mark N

    Mark N
    Cascade, IA

    Give it a go. Hope it is used. Lower that handicap and keep on playing. Good Luck
  3. I find the TS2 to be very forgiving. Take the time to get fitted for the proper loft, shaft, and setup.
  4. Scott D

    Scott D

    Go to a pro and get fitted. They will put you into the best driver for your swing.
  5. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Titleist offers free fittings Titleist Thursday locations during your normal golf season. Almost all drivers are the max volume of 460 cc. A good fitter will work with you to optimize loft and shaft to your swing and speed. The TS driver is only 8.5, 9.5,10.5, and 11.5. I’ve used 12 in the past but the 11.5 has improved my launch and distance. Good luck with getting matched to help your game.
  6. I purchased a Cobra FLY-Z 11.5 degrees driver with draw bias and it’s working really well for me. Thanks everyone for their help. John H.

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