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By terrence k

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  1. I have been playing ap1 710 with steel shafts for several years. I am considering replacing the steel shafts with recoil es60 shafts. (I have already replaced the 6 iron to test.) I fellow golfer who uses 718’s has urged be to purchase 716s or 718s rather than putting new shafts on the 710s. Any thoughts.

  2. Frank P

    Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

    I'd have to agree with your fellow golfer. Try the 718's and I think you'll see. Big technological improvements in the last 8-10 years. Not cheap to reshaft a full set of irons, so I'd invest in a new set.
  3. Terrence, I was right where you are now only a few years back and with an even older set. (735 CM's) Was approaching the time when graphite was a strong consideration. I chose to jump in on the whole set and play them with intent for awhile, or until it became clear that it was the right call. Frank is correct, it is not cheap. Shafts, grips, lie adjustment, and labor comes to a little over half of what your new set will run. If you are really committed to going graphite, use the Thursday fitting offerings available to us and find the right shaft for you that way. That way will save you $ in the long run. The funny part of my advice is that I am still playing my 735's and every time I stand over an iron shot I say I should have just gone new. Well perhaps I will have them for 2019!
  4. Thanks for the responses.
    My issue is that I like the feel of the recoil shafts better than most graphite shafts. (Likely mostly in my head as most of golf is) titlest does not sell heads nor do they offer the recoil shafts So I am probably looking at a set of used. 718 steel shafts and then having them reshafted.
  5. Chris92009

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    I agree....make the upgrade...the new design is amazing!
  6. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    .You can always take your 7I/6I with you to a Titleist Thursday. Even if there isn't a Recoil, there may be a stock or no upcharge shaft that you may like as well and gain the forgiveness of the new designs. If not, then you can spend the money on the 710's. What I've found is no matter how much I read, the fitting guys can always come up with a better combination than I can. Being 60 when I started to play golf regularly, I was always pointed to graphite. At a TT the best combination was the TT AMT steel in the 718.
  7. Check the latest shaft offerings under custom shafts. The recoil was added this past September as another option!
  8. Cath D.

    Cath D.
    Carlsbad, CA

    Hi Terrence,
    We do offer Recoil shafts - I was unable to locate a shaft called the ES 60 but we do offer Recoil graphite shafts for all our irons - the Recoil 65 is no upcharge, and we offer the Recoil 80, Recoil 95 and the Recoil 110 at an upcharge.
  9. Having bought the 718 AP2's, I honestly wouldn't waste my money on new shafts. Buy the new clubs and Titleist has a host of shafts to choose from. Kill 2 birds with one stone, and benefit from the new technology of the new irons, you won't be sorry at all.
  10. Scott Aitken

    Scott Aitken
    March, Cambridgeshire

    I went from steel shafts to the Tensei Pro Red Graphite in stiff on my 718 AP1s and find them great. So glad i went for Graphite. Great Irons and Shafts.

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