New Driver and Fairway Woods

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By Don F

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  1. Don F

    Don F
    Longview, TX

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    I am looking to buy a new driver and 3-wood and was wondering when the TS line is to be released and what shafts are going to be available?

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    I asked the golf shop I buy my stuff from and he was thinking early November but told me he wasn’t sure.
  3. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    The matrix hasn’t been published. Pro shops may be getting fitting gear in September for advanced orders. Delivery will likely be by mid-October but the official date hasn’t been announced.

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    I went to a Titleist fitting about a month ago and the instuctor said late October.
  5. 19hole
    Woburn, MA

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    I have heard that they may be available as early as mid-September but our account rep has not confirmed this as yet. The Titleist University course for them is not online yet and I expect that we will see the training material before the release of clubs for retail sale.
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    Late September? I don’t know what Shafts will be available, but Titleist always has the best options and choices in the industry
  7. Rob_Roth1
    San Diego, CA

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    When 917 launched I remember getting fitted in Sept on 9/17 and that was the first possible date. I would just wait a couple more months and it should be ready to go.
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    I have been waiting on the dates as well. Golf Spy said around mid September but I agree that will probably be for pre-orders.
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    That's going to be a pricey purchase no doubt. Get saving :)
  10. gary h
    Torrance, CA

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    I wonder when the TS drivers will be available on Titleist Thursdays

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