716 AP2-No Serial #???

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By Ken Bowen B

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  1. Ken Bowen B

    Ken Bowen B
    New Orleans, LA

    Why is it that the 716 AP2s don't have a Registration/Serial #? If there is one, where is it. I can't find one on the Hosel or Shaft. KB

  2. check your 5 or 6 iron....I believe its on only on one club....not each!
  3. Kelly H

    Kelly H
    Hughson, CA

    Mine have them on all the clubs.... Mine were a special order but I'd be concerned if they weren't purchased at an authorized dealer... Support your local course/shops and you won't questions if its authentic product....
  4. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    KB: If you cannot find the serial number, my question to you would be; did you purchase these clubs from an authorized Titleist dealer? I think I would question the individual/store I purchased these from.

    1. If the set was purchased off the rack then serial number would be on the six iron.

    2. If they were a custom ordered then the number would be on the hosel of every club.
  5. Just bought a set for my son, 6-pw, all have serial #'s.
  6. If you custom order then they put the same number on all the clubs you ordern not just the irons. I bought a set of C16's about a year ago, together with a new Vokey wedge, driver and fariway wood. All of them have the same number on the hosel.

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