716 CB vs 690 MB

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By Kevin G

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  1. Kevin G

    Kevin G
    Dallas, TX

    Does anyone else have the issue where they are torn between their old set of irons and their brand spanking new 716's? I am! I bought a set of 716 CB's earlier this spring and love the feel, sound, trajectory, and shot shape. HOWEVER that being said, I pull out my old set (690 MB) and shoot better scores. I am a little bit longer with the 690s but I am torn. Spent lots of money on shiney new toys only to keep them in the corner. Anyone else torn and do this?

  2. dennis n

    dennis n
    San Diego, CA

    Sounds like an easy one to me, those 690's like being in the bag
  3. Luke W

    Luke W
    liberty township, OH

    So i got a little story for ya..... sold my 690 MB back when the 714 ap2's came out. Needless to say the ap2 just never felt right. Played a couple years with them, shot decent scores but nothing crazy. So this year i said enough. Found me a set of very good shape 690 MB with extra stiff shafts and had extended and my ap2 have been sitting in the corner every since. Have not even touched them! Sell the 716 CB and play the old 690s! There is a reason Webb Simpson and Adam Scott still play 680s! FYI my 690 also go farther and feel better then my 714 ap2s!
  4. Great reading those comments. I have a set of 690MBs and hit them straighter and longer than the two sets of AP2 714s that I have owned. I keep wanting the 714s to be better because they look so good and I feel that I should have them in my bag, but the reality is that they draw too much for me and are less consistent than the 690s. Seems like I have the right clubs too. I sold my AP 2s and got a cheap set of 690 CBs as my second set. Thanks guys for confirming my thoughts.
  5. I use 690 CB'S DG S200 shafts, yesterday I picked up a set of 716 AP2's, I'll let you know how my next round goes
  6. Barry S

    Barry S
    Oakville, ON

    From all the comments, sounds like Titleist should bring back the original 690's!
  7. bill b

    bill b
    richmond, VA

    I have a set of 690 CB's that I abolustely can't get rid of. Put in Aerotech I95 shafts and had them rechromed twice.
    Now, don't think I haven't tried others. Bought apex forged, miz Jp something or other, cobra forged, and TM 790's.. Always come back to my 690 CB's.
    Longer, great turf interaction, beautiful ball flight and when you hit them pure it's like an angel from heaven comes down and touches your soul.
    I'm done experimenting and will play these clubs 'till I can't play no mo'

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