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By SWren

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  1. How do I track an order placed through a Titleist fitting center? I need to know the shipping tracking number so I make sure I am home when the clubs arrive. Don't want them snatched from my front porch!

  2. Hi, When an order is placed by an authorized pro shop or retailer, we give them the order number as well as an expected ship date. Call the fitting center and let them know that you would like the tracking number after it ships. They should be able to give you that information.
  3. Does this work for any part of the world or only for US-based orders? I ordered three SM7 wedges from my local shop in Portugal, at the end of November, and I am still waiting to know where my order stands. Do you think if I ask them the order number, I can track at what stage my wedges are? Thank you in advance
  4. Hi, I ordered some clubs from my local pro shop in Pennsylvania on the 14th. Since it’s holiday season,I wonder when my clubs will get here?
    They are costumed lengths. Golf pride grips and standard shafts.
  5. Hi, I got fitted on the 14th for my clubs at my local pro shop in Pennsylvania. Since it’s holiday season, I wonder how long it will take for me to receive my clubs?
    I got standard shafts with custom lengths and golf pride grips.

    Thank you

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