Replacing steel shafts with graphite or steel fiber

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By Bill F

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  1. Bill F

    Bill F
    Asheville, NC

    I'm considering replacing stock D300 stiff steel shafts in 714 AP2 irons with graphite or steel fiber. I'm 62 with a 7 handicap. Is the shaft bore and head weight the same for irons with graphite or steel or are the heads different?
  2. We use a .355 taper tipped shaft whether it is steel or graphite and we use the same heads.  If you use graphite such as the Kurokage 85 or 105 or the Recoil 95 or 110,  swingweight can be maintained within one point.  If you use the Aerotech i95, the swingweight will be 2.5 points lower than standard and the i110 will be 2 points lower than standard.

  3. Todd Robinson

    Todd Robinson
    Regina, SK

    I have purchased the recoil 110 i have 710 cb how can i get the 1 point back so its the same. what should i tell the club fitter to maintain the same swing weight

  4. I have a nearly new set of left hand AP3s 5 to PW , they have steel shafts , could the shafts be replaced with lighter weight graphite ?

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