Titleist AP2 714 shaft replacement/upgrade

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By Aphichart G

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  1. I ordered a set of Titleist AP2 714 irons with N.Sl Pro 950 Stiff shafts and was thinking about switching to something a little bit heavier (120g-130g) just to bring the ball flight lower. What is the tip size on these irons (Taper tip .355 or parallel tip .370) and what are some recommendations/options? Also, where can I send them to get it done since I live on Oahu Island, Hawaii? Much appreciate it!

  2. Cameron D

    Cameron D
    Newport, RI


    Our iron shafts are all .355 taper tip.  There are a handful of great shafts that could help you lower your ball flight and fall in that weights range (KBS Tour, KBS C-Taper, Dynamic Gold, etc).  We can have these clubs re-shafted, but you would just have to take them to your local authorized Titleist retailer.  You could take them to Mililani Golf Club or the Roger Dunn in Pearl City, there they will setup the RA with our Repairs Department.

    Let us know if you have any other questions. 



  3. I have 714 AP2 4-Gap and want to replace XP95-Stiff with XP95-Regular shafts. They could be standard length and would not need grips.

    Can you estimate cost for me please.


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