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By steve o

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  1. steve o

    steve o
    Philadelphia, PA

    Is Titleist doing buy 3 get 1 free in 2023. Thanks

  2. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    Too early to tell, won't officially know, until late February of 2023. Most people think they will, based upon a better of supply now VS earlier this year.

  3. Almost had a convert. Tried the sample pack of the AVX I was sent last year and loved the way they performed. Now that the new season is fast approaching (if the snow ever leaves) and prices have gone up (ugh), I need to decide between either a new wedge or hybrid or golf balls. Maybe I skip playing the AVX, buy Costco golf balls, and figure out which club to pick up. For retirees who can still play and hit a ball a decent distance it's not a good choice to sacrifice a good performing ball over green fees or a new club. Only hope is Titleist brings back the 3 and 1 deal.

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