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By Michael E

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  1. Ok team titleist here is my opinion on the 2019 prototypes. Off the tee: they are great , lowered spin rate (trackman) got more distance From the fairway: they had great flight and distance very easy to shape Around the green and with in 100 yards: didn’t like the feel around the greens . Had really no spin around the greens at all.

    Overall great ball but would not make it my gamer . I tested these next to my gamer prov1 and also prov1x and avx. I have better reaction around the greens with the prov1 and prov1x . But the flight the prototypes off the tee outstanding.

    Would love everyone’s opinions that have tested them .

  2. I found them long off the tee. Irons were longer, too. My experience around the green was much different than Michael E. The Proto reacted with more spin than the ProV1 which is to say it stopped more quickly. With my 54 degree it actually backed up, something rare in my game. I loved the feel with the putter.

    I will put this ball into play as soon as it is available. I could use a dozen for the Club Championship if there is a way to get them.

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