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By AYip

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  1. AYip


    Thank you Team Titleist for sending me the 2019 Proto balls! I can't wait to try them out this weekend and compare them to my current ProV1! Thanks Again!



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  2. Scott Aitken

    Scott Aitken
    March, Cambridgeshire

    AYip said:

    Thank you Team Titleist for sending me the 2019 Proto balls! I can't wait to try them out this weekend and compare them to my current ProV1! Thanks Again!



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    Nice One
  3. Great! Fortune smiled on you. I'm still waiting.
  4. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    Test them well & be sure to report back on what you think of them, my 2019 scores are counting on you. LOL!!
    Just kidding enjoy the experience..

  5. Gerry B

    Gerry B
    Saskatoon, SK

    I just received the proto balls today.I am looking forward to trying them.Thanks Titleist. Can't wait to get my hands on the new TS drivers too.
  6. That has got to be the best cover that I have ever seen on a Pro V. I have 4 rounds on a ball, I've hit 5 trees total and played out of the sand a few times with them. Are there some minor blemishes? Yes, but I have used other manufacturer's tour ball and seen much worse after playing from the fairway on a single hole. Unfortunately my game is in disrepair, see 5 tree comment, so I cannot really say much otherwise.
  7. Sweet, but if your game is in disrepair and you still have the same ball after 4 rounds says a lot really. Looks like it could be quality.
  8. HOUSE

    DuBois, PA

    Hopefully I have some in the mailbox!! Always a great start to fall golf and some of the best golfing of the year.
  9. Allan, we can't wait to hear your report. And by the way, we expect you to have all six of those orbs at the end of your field test. Cheers!
  10. Brian Brat

    Brian Brat
    Ashland, MA

    Test them well, and enjoy. Have fun!!
  11. Speedy

    Newmarket, NH

    Enjoy! I've played a few of them already and one thing I'm impressed with is the durability.. Couldn't believe how well the ball held up after playing 18. And the ball seems so smooth off the face on all my clubs.. I've been very impressed so far..


    Hope I'm on the mailing list this year!!!

    Just in case, I'm taking a six pack of BUDLIGHT ,a lawn chair & my tablet and post up at the mailbox
  13. I keep checking my mailbox lol
  14. JAM


    Titleist 2019 Proto Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf ball introduction is one of the best opportunities a golfer can have to actually assist with the process of the ultimate golf ball going into production. Just another reason Titleist separates itself from the competition.
  15. I've been seeing these Proto's everywhere! Way rad that they sent you some. How they playing?
  16. Goldpanner

    Trail, BC

    Got my prototypes yesterday and will be trying them out Saturday.....this is great to be a Team Titleist member!
  17. SHOOT! Just noticed on my new computer I never updated my address.

    Oh well guessing I'll miss my chance for the prototypes. But definitely interesting to hearing what you guys think them vs the current models!
  18. That would be cool to get to try them out! Have they felt good so far? Hopefully I can get on that mailing list lol
  19. Man I hope I'm on the mailing list!

    Regardless definitely looking forward to hear some reviews!!!
  20. For those that do have them can we please seem some close up shots of each models?
  21. Titleist_AU_Fan

    Warsaw, IN

    Congrats guys! I've been waiting eagerly by the mailbox but looks like no such luck this year. Can't wait to hear your thoughts!
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