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By Abby L.

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  1. Abby L.

    Abby L.
    Providence, RI

    Hey Team Titleist - 

    Now that I've had the AVX golf ball in my setup for an entire (New England) season, I wanted to share my review with all of you! 

    Off the tee: My first reaction was, 'whoa that's fast.' I like the feeling of the golf ball popping off the face to start a hole and it also gives me a sense of confidence. Pair it with the TS driver, and now I'm really seeing that penetrating ball flight that I've been hoping to watch off the tee. For some numbers, I average 225-235 off the tee and before I closer to 215-220 (on a good day). 

    In the long game: I have a pretty high ball flight, so it was great to find an option that lowered it - giving me a sense of more control with my fairway metals and hybrids. Again, the distance is helpful and it's nice to have a better chance of reaching the green in two or at least getting pin-high. 

    Short game: Even with the greater distance, I'm still finding control in the short game - whether I'm trying to hit a flop shot or chip from a tight lie. I've really been impressed with the short game control since I've received more distance in the long game. Lastly, the soft feel is something I really prefer with putting. I wouldn't want the ball to feel fast off the putter face. 

    I've certainly played a lot more golf this summer, shaving one to two strokes off my game, and I have the consistent play of AVX to thank! 

    So now, it's your turn. What have you found with the AVX off the tee, in the long game and in the short game? 

    I look forward to seeing any similarities and differences - but if you haven't tried the AVX yet, be sure to take it out and compare with your current gamer! 

    Fairways and greens,

    Team Titleist Staff 

  2. Bill P

    Bill P
    USA, Eastern Europe, China...

    Abby, what ball were you playing before the AVX?

    My wife plays the ProV1 and has similar driver yardage to your prior figures, and I want to have her try the AVX to see if the lower spin will help her pick up a few more yards of total distance. She likes the soft feel of the ProV1 and everything I have heard about the AVX says it is equally as soft.

    Thanks for posting your experience.

    Best regards,
  3. Abby L.

    Abby L.
    Providence, RI

    Hey Bill - I was playing Pro V1 before as well!

    - Abby
  4. JAspinwall

    Groton CT

    I tried the AVX this year and was very happy with the lower ball flight longer distance soft feel off the Putter I’m a 0 handicap hit it well over 300 yards and going on 60 years old this fall. All my friends are using this the AVX also and they love it also.
  5. I have been playing the AVX now for about 6 weeks. Switched over from the Pro V1s to lower ball flight and reduce spin.
    First impression was it was long off my driver with easy swings. Working on swing as well so distance control is a little off.
    Did not stop me from dropping handicap and posting two career sub par rounds.
    Can very much say I love this golf ball.
  6. Jim S

    Jim S
    Salt lake City, UT

    I changed from a Pro V1 to a Calloway Chrome Soft for increased distance. I tried out the AVX to compare and am now using it. I am still getting used to the feeling on the putting green. They are faster off the putter than the Calloway. Therefore putts are too strong so far.
  7. Jim

    Valley View, OH

    Great distance off the tee and with my irons, but not able to hold the greens on my approach shots as well as the ProV1 due to the lower spin and lower flight.
  8. Jim

    Valley View, OH

    I was fitted for my new TS driver and fairway yesterday. Went with the TS2 for both along with a Graphite Design Tour AD DI6 and Tour ADI7 shafts. Even though my swing speed has decreased about 3-4 mph the last 3 years, my ball speed and distance increased with the new model.
  9. Hi Abby,
    I play the ProV1X and had just bought a few dozen before I found out about the AVX. Nevertheless, I bought a sleeve and tried them last week. I found them to be a few yards longer with the driver and less spin. I found them to be more than a few yards longer with low to mid irons and once again, less spin. The putter felt similar to the ProV1X to me. The wedges were much less spinny and I couldn't get it to do the low spinning "dance" I can with the ProV1 or ProV1X. The biggest advantage I saw was lower and less spin off the driver, which would probably result in better accuracy. FWIW I'm about a 2 hdcp. and hit my 917D3 about 300, but not as accurate as I should be and my PW about 140.
  10. Steve S

    Steve S
    Tuckerton, NJ

    Hi Abby L, great post. I felt the same way off the tee. Wow! It just exploded. I never thought I would prefer a ball over the Pro V, but I really have come to like the AVX. Love the feel around the green. And the confidence I have with the AVX is just more proof to me. Love it!
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  11. Jerry A

    Jerry A
    Salinas, CA

    I was playing the Prov1x, started using AVX about two months ago driving it is as good if not keeping me in the middle more. Fairways easy to shape shots and distance is as good if not better and stopping is just a little less than prov1x. Enjoy how it feels coming off the putter feels soft.
  12. Hi Abby,

    Yellow AVX (mostly) user since October 2017. I’d say about 90 of my 115 rounds during that time were with AVX, the rest either ProV1x or a couple other non-Titleist balls.

    I am a bogey golfer who drives the ball about 220 yards and hits either 6-iron (winter) or 7-iron (summer) from the 150 marker. I play year round on Bermuda greens and fairways.

    AVX flies noticeably lower off my driver and that helps me get an extra 5, 10 even 15 yards of roll in the fairway. Of course if it lands in the rough then no roll (not that I would ever miss a fairway!).

    Here’s the big difference. AVX is a little longer on most iron shots, maybe half a club or so. But at the top end of the bag I have picked up a full club with the 5-iron (from 165 to 175) and also with my 23-degree hybrid (180 to nearly 190). In fact, lately I have moved back a set of tees because I can now reach greens from almost the 200 marker. From anything more than 185 it used to be swing hard at a 5-wood and hope for the best.

    With wedges I do hit the ball a bit farther than with ProV1x but not really enough to matter. But the great thing about AVX is it seems immune to normal breezes. With ProV1x (or other Tour balls) I always had to guess how much a slight 10mph breeze might add or subtract from my distance because I hit wedge shots so high and spinny. Unless the wind is really howling then 100 yards into the breeze or downwind is just a gap wedge shot like I’d use with no wind at all. Magic.

    My short game is not good. So I can’t see any difference between AVX and othe Tour-type balls around the green. A better player probably could.
  13. Played in some unsettled, gusty pre-Florence weather this week and I continue to be amazed at how AVX let me just about ignore winds that my playing partners (using ProV1, srxn and cally balls) were complaining about. They were guessing what club to use and trying to time gusts but I just played my normal clubs for the yardage and the wind never seemed to make more than 5 yards or so of difference.

    That said, AVX can not work miracles. If you turn over a short iron with an accidental high-draw swing into a 15mph draw wind it is going sideways, big-time! But if I do my job and hit the ball squarely, AVX takes all the guesswork out of the equation.

    Any time a ball or equipment change can simplify my game and let me concentrate on just making good swings with solid contact, that’s a big win right there...
  14. Tried the AVX for about a month, over 10 rounds on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Conditions are typically windy at 15/25 mph. ProV1x is the I usually play and returning to.

    The AVX is good off the tee with a driver or 3 medal. Notice a slight increase in distance over the ProV1x with stable ball flight.

    With irons, the AVX seems to carry much further, almost a full club.

    Short game with the AVX is a little more challenging. This may be my technique and not the ball. My popping stroke makes controlling distance a little difficult.

    Going back to the ProV1x for a better overall game ball.

  15. Stanley J

    Stanley J
    indianapolis, IN

    I currently play the PRO V1x/V1. I found an AVX while playing a round during the Labor Day weekend. I really liked the subtle appearance of the AVX. The AVX is just as good. It is long, with soft feel off the irons and putters. I was skeptical of the ball when I saw that the price point was close to the PROV1s, but the AVX is an exceptional golf ball. Too bad I only played it for five holes as I lost it in the left Bermuda rough. I couldn't help but think whoever finds it will be a happy camper. I will be looking to put AVX into play soon!!
  16. Nice write up!
  17. I used to play the ProV1x for several years. I thought that was the ball id play with the rest of my golf years. Then I tried the AVX. I do believe this ball was made for me. I can hit every shot with this ball. The feel and distance is amazing. This ball is awesome. Thanks Titleist.
    Post Image
  18. Jerry

    Springville, PA

    Very simple it does everything Titleist claims lower longer controllable. It is the best of all I have ever played
  19. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Abby, I too have been playing the Prov1 for many years a love the ball. I normally carried the V about 220 with pretty good accuracy and am a picker with my ball so spin has never been a big deal with me. I tried the AVX when it first previewed last year and never really thought much of it, BECAUSE I never really played the ball. I did a sleeve a about three of four rounds and never gave it another thought. Then this spring, I was talking to my local Titleist Sales rep and decided to give it another go. Played with the AVX for about a month and a half, really paying attention to the results and how it reacted to each club and ensuring that I hit each club in my bag. Giving it the full opportunity and to be fair with it. I might add that I play with a teaching PGA pro at least once a week and he is the one that really noticed the difference in my distances. Being 72 in two days, I play from the senior tees and use hybrids from some of the shorter par fours and can outdistance many of my fellow super seniors with their drivers. With my 816h1, 20* off the tee I usually hit it about 190. With my driver, I normally am hitting wedges into the green with the AVX. Only one par five I cannot reach in two, only because of water hazard. My pro says he feels I have picked up about ten off the tee and maybe half a club or more with the irons. Tempo has always been an issue with my game and when I maintain that part of my game the AVX stays on line. =) I like the ball and would highly recommend anyone on this site giving it a go. The friend of mine who is a scratch golfer says he has tried it and likes it very much. He is a digger and spins his ball so much that he has a hard time keeping it on the green at times. With the AVX he can hold it on the green with less spin. He is monster long to begin with and he has made the change. I am playing with the AVX in tournaments and events, because still have about four dozen Prov1s that need to be used up. I can really see the difference on fast courses. It is hard to tell my distance now that our course is getting ready for a make over in the spring. The fairways are not being cut low and we do not get much roll. That will be shutting down our course after the women's US Open at the Country Club of Charleston for a year. They will be using our course as a parking lot then putting in new greens, bunkers, drainage and crowning the fairways. About time, same Bermuda greens they had in 1929. Guess we will be nomads for a year. =)
  20. Very long off the tee. Equal to prov1x.
  21. michael b

    michael b
    penn valley, CA

    I agree. Off the driver the AVX explodes. My friends ask me if I have been working out because of the extra distance. The short game is solid and the feeling with the wedges and putter with the AVX is wonderful.
  22. Jim N

    Jim N
    Grand Blanc, MI

    The AVX is my FAVORITE ball now. I'm 67 Yrs old and have lost distance. Playing the same private course for 34 years makes it easy to notice how much distance you lose as you age. I have always had a bit high spin #'s off my driver. But the AVX with less spin has increased my distance with the driver and big time with my irons. While it doesn't spin as much around the green as the PRO V1/V1X, it still stops well with full shots into greens. While I no longer make 5 birdies per round, score under par or have been club champion for over 30 yrs, the AVX is the only ball I now want to play.
  23. Jim N

    Jim N
    Grand Blanc, MI

    Abby, As a Michigan State University Alumnus, I really like your Green & White hat!!!
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