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By Alex

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  1. Hi I know everyone loves the pro V1 and I get that but I'm not that great so can't justify playing a ball out of my league. I really love the way the trusoft performs in the air and on the ground.

    I don't get much spin off the driver which helps my fade out a lot. I guess into the greens it does tend to run a bit but I just play for that and it suits.

    Off the putter face it has great feel. Not too rubbery and not too clicky I love the sound.

    The price tag is awesome to boot!

    What are your thoughts?



  2. john h

    john h
    ormskirk, Lancashire

    great ball love the soft feel but would like just a bit more stop with it but i suppose i cant expect that with the price tag
  3. I bought a few sleeves of them I and really enjoyed them they had a nice soft feel to them when driving and we’re very accurate overall I am really pleased with them and will buy more.
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  4. I have been using the TruSoft since it replaced the SoLo. I had a brief affair with the Pro V1, but went back to my trusty TruSoft. The Pro V tended to exaggerate my "power fade" . I may lose a couple of yards in distance, but gain a lot in accuracy with the TruSoft. I would rather have 150 from the fairway than 140 from the trees. I love the way it rolls off of the putter too. Of course, costing less than 1/2 of a Pro V isn't a bad thing either.
  5. I picked up a few sleeves of the DT TruSoft and I was really pleased they had a nice feel when driving and putting overall I really like them and will be buying more for sure.
  6. NMortimer

    Hertfordshire, UK

    No better ball for the money !
  7. The DT TruSoft WAS my main ball before I switched to the new Tour Soft this summer. I still like the TruSoft, and have about 4 dozen left to use up.

    For $21 a dozen at Wally World it's a great ball for a mid to high HC with moderate swing speed. But I found the TourSoft is like 85-90% of what a ProV1 is , for about $10 more a dozen, so I made the switch.

    That said, I have zero qualms with playing the TruSoft and if my budget ever dictates, I'd go back to it in a heartbeat!
  8. Stephan T

    Stephan T
    Centennial, CO

    It’s a great ball off the tee but it’s even better from the fairway. Still play 906F2 3 & 5 woods. Around the green it’s an 8-iron or a 54 degree wedge. Performs well enough for my purposes on the green and is reasonably priced. The “red box” Titleist has been a quality product since it’s introduction.

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