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By blair

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  1. blair

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    I have now played 54 holes with my first AVX and apart from it performing great, it is still totally usable and barely a mark on it. Suddenly £3 per ball is pretty good value as long as you don’t loose it of course.

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  2. Zangetsu

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    I had different experiences, balls seemed pretty dinged up/ scuffed after a few holes, mainly iron tee shots and long wedge shots hurt it more than a pro v1. Now have a set in my bag for windy days, other than than back to pro v1 for me. Any more experiences?
  3. JAM

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    The Pro V1 is such a great ball that I have resisted trying the AVX, but, remain tempted. I may try a sleeve before the new Pro V1 is released.
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    I've also had a different experience where the ball seems to get duller quicker. But I've still switched to the AVX over the PRO V1. (FOR ME) The visual is not as important as proformance and the AVX has a better distance and flight trajectory and still lands soft with my mid and long irons. I'll still try the new PRO V1 when it comes out but I like this ball.
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    AVX vs Pro V1. Anyone make a switch?
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    Reviews are always so different from person to person. It can be so frustrating when buying items.

    I've heard mainly good things about this golf ball, but not enough to stop people using their beloved prov1.

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