survey of those switching from ProV1 to AVX

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By Jay W

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  1. Jay W

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    I would like to take an unofficial survey of those better players(Ghin index 10) who have switched from regular play with ProV1 to AVX.

  2. Max B

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  3. Jay W

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    I switched. 8.5 index. Even though I still have a couple dozen personalized V1x in my closet!
  5. Jay W

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    Oh that's a shame I thought maybe he would mention the differences/benefits in the ball and why he made the switch.
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    I switched for multiple reasons. For me, it’s longer through the bag than either of the other ProV’s. I love the softer feel off the putter. I have noticed ZERO difference in being able to manipulate spin on chip and pitch shots. The only thing negative I noticed is the cover finish is less durable.
  8. Lance P
    hillsborough, NC

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    Haven't yet found an AVX to try. The woods are full of Pro V1's but no luck finding an AVX. Also, I'm not under a 10 so basically I'm no help.
  9. Brennan W

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    Switched. Played 3 rounds with the AVX and I've noticed that my irons are a lot longer. Haven't seen much difference in length of the driver, but I find that they have a more true flight, my bad shots aren't amplified by wicked spin.
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    I switched about a month ago. I am a short hitter, and I have noticed consistently 5-8 yards longer with the driver. Fairway woods are longer as well, but that may be a function of the ball going straighter. I usually have a fade to my shots. Around the green I have not noticed any difference. I was playing the ProV1x. Index 8.6.

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