survey of those switching from ProV1 to AVX

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By Jay W

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  1. Jay W

    Jay W

    I would like to take an unofficial survey of those better players(Ghin index 10) who have switched from regular play with ProV1 to AVX.

  2. Max B

    Max B

  3. Jay W

    Jay W

  4. I switched. 8.5 index. Even though I still have a couple dozen personalized V1x in my closet!
  5. Jay W

    Jay W

  6. Oh that's a shame I thought maybe he would mention the differences/benefits in the ball and why he made the switch.
  7. I switched for multiple reasons. For me, it’s longer through the bag than either of the other ProV’s. I love the softer feel off the putter. I have noticed ZERO difference in being able to manipulate spin on chip and pitch shots. The only thing negative I noticed is the cover finish is less durable.
  8. Lance P

    Lance P
    hillsborough, NC

    Haven't yet found an AVX to try. The woods are full of Pro V1's but no luck finding an AVX. Also, I'm not under a 10 so basically I'm no help.
  9. Brennan W

    Brennan W

    Switched. Played 3 rounds with the AVX and I've noticed that my irons are a lot longer. Haven't seen much difference in length of the driver, but I find that they have a more true flight, my bad shots aren't amplified by wicked spin.
  10. I switched about a month ago. I am a short hitter, and I have noticed consistently 5-8 yards longer with the driver. Fairway woods are longer as well, but that may be a function of the ball going straighter. I usually have a fade to my shots. Around the green I have not noticed any difference. I was playing the ProV1x. Index 8.6.
  11. I will be switching come spring. or maybe in Feb. when I go to Bandon. Finiahing season with ProVqs and dont play quality balls hete in Oregon after the rain starts.

    Better green control for me
    Less spin
    Lower piercing ball flight
  12. William M

    William M
    Kansas City, MO

    I recently switched to the AVX from the ProV1. My tendency is to hit the ball too high with the Driver and irons. The lower sping and lower ball flight I get with the AVX is fantastic. While the AVX doesn't feel as soft and doesn't spend as much as the ProV.

    I've been excited to hear and see that the TS Drivers are a big improvement over the last few Titleist Drivers. I suspect a lot of the testing that appears online was done using ProVs. If you've tested one or both of the TS Driver and you used the AVX. Please share your numbers.
  13. Scott M

    Scott M
    South Burlington, VT

    I'm a 3.8 handicap and switched to the AVX earlier this year. In years past I played the V1x until the characteristics of the the V1 and V1x reversed and the V1x became the higher spinning ball -- I then switched to the V1. I got a sleeve of AVXs earlier this year at a ProAm and after 1 round I knew I wanted to change. Here's why (for me)

    1) Driver spin is lower and the trajectory is a bit flatter. Home course susceptible to some wind, so this was really preferable

    2) I don't play iron/wedge shots to spin back to the pin. I want to play the shot to the distance and want more of a "drop and stop" and the AVX was much better at this whereas I'd occasionally unintentionally really spin a ProV1 hard and back it off the green or too far away from where I landed my shot

    3) Short game - I don't play a lot of high spin "pinch" chips. I tend to want to get the ball rolling and let it roll out. I don't notice any loss of control with the AVX (though I suspect those that do like to really pinch/spin it may)

    4) Putting - no difference

    Hope that helps !

  14. I officially switched as I bought several dozen balls. Such a better ball for MY game.
  15. Rob E

    Rob E
    San Jose, CA

    I switched from Pro V1x to AVX last year. I made the change after I tried the ball and moved to AP3 irons from a MB/CB combo iron set. I loved the X because of spin and helping me get higher ball flight. Since the move to a new iron shaft and irons, I dont need the spin and I have much better distance and control with the AVX. I love the durability and feel.
  16. I have played the AVX off and on all summer. I will switch to the AVX full time next year when I order my personalized balls. I am switching because I like the distance I gain and I also prefer a little release into the green. I was using the ProV1 but I think the AVX has more of what I want.
  17. I've used Titleist Pro V1 and V1x for years but I'm very high launch with my irons and sometimes get too much spin when hitting into the greens. I tried the AVX because I'd heard they were lower launch and less spin. That's proved true for me as I'm coming in slightly lower, spinning less and that's helping me. Also slightly longer on drives.

    (handicap 10)

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