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By TUrreta

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  1. Does anyone know whether anyone (Titleist) has compared distance off the tee with Iron Byron using the same swing speed and any other factors? I understand there is a lot more to life than a pure comparison but I'm curious about distance between the AVX, the Tour Soft, and Velocity.


  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Titleist states that all Titleist balls will be within 5-10 yards with driver, all else equal. After the tee box, the Pro-V1 and especially the AVX have out-performed the X for me. I've done some comparisons with some non-Titleist balls, and the AVX just gets me into better scoring opportunities. I can't argue with Titleist to try balls from green to tee. Unlike the Iron Bryon, we're not all equal, as well as price tolerance, so there should be a Titleist ball for everyone.
  3. Thank you. I had actually made the assumption that there would not be a vast difference when everything was equal. So I absolutely believe that 5 - 10 yard difference in balls makes sense. It also helped me to understand that the most important factor for anyone would be the overall comfort with the ball and the consistency of continuously playing the same ball.

    I appreciate the response.

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