By DSchetter

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  1. Put the New Titleist AVX in play for the first time yesterday and won my flight at a local tournament. Loved the ball off the tee and had a great feel with my short irons. Can't wait to tee it up again!

  2. Congrats on the win! I grabbed my first sleeve of AVX's about a week ago and have 27 holes under my belt. I found them to be longer and lower off the tee (with less side spin too). The feel was great. The sound was different. With my irons I kept missing greens long. Generally I found them to be about 1 club longer. When I flushed a full wedge it would basically stop in place, not rip back off the green. Safe to say I'm a convert too.
  3. I've been playing AVX for the most of the year. Absolutely love it. I seem to be getting a few extra yards off the tee. I usually play a Pro V1, but since swapping to AVX I have gained yards. Really loving the AVX.

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