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By Dave J

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  1. Hi I’ve played with ProV1 for along time - preferred the lower flight and higher spin with irons. Just been fitted (excellent experience by the way) and the new X has slightly better numbers for me ! Didn’t realise the new x now spins more with irons than the new V1. I still have a few packs of 2016 Prov1s which I don’t want to give away !

    A question I didn’t ask was - Why have titleist changed the iron spin around with the new versions of v1 and x ? Does it mean I used to be v1 but now I’m x? Or have I misunderstood and I’ve been using the wrong ball all along ? Have the pros all reversed the ball they use ? I want to order few dozen - but which ball ? Any comment should appreciated

  2. I was previously a Pro V1X player also and it my was my understanding that the X was the lower spinning off the driver and more penetrating of the two balls. When the new 2017 models came out I read quite a bit of info on here and other sites that they had basically switched the profiles. So I bought a dozen of each and did my own testing and found that I preferred the Pro V1 over the X.
  3. Jak

    Plainsboro, NJ

    I'm confused also. The only thing I'm certain of is the X is still the firmer feeling of the balls. When you read the descriptions it seems the X spins more and has a higher flight. But the description also states it is" extraordinary" long whereas the V is just "longer" distance. So it appears the X is still the longer ball.
  4. Thanks guys, looking at pre-2017 boxes see,s to confirm that titleist have changed things around to a degree and the X now spins more off the irons. I did some on course testing and there’s is little doubt the X is the better fit for me - slightly more distance off long irons (maybe driver too on average) and no hurt into the wind. I’ve ordered the 4 for 3 ! Prov1x
    Thanks for your views

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