ordering same number ball for the loyalty special?

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By Matt H

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  1. Matt H

    Matt H
    Davie, FL

    Is it possible to place an order to have all balls with the same number? I tried ordering online through a major golf retailer. I wanted to order all "4". Didn't see. I tried using the double number option for "04" and it said : "00 or 10-99 only. For single-digit numbers 1-9, please order Same Number balls." However, I don't see that option available.

  2. 19hole

    Reading, MA

    Yes you can get them all the same number. There is a slight upchrge for it but your retailer can do it for you.
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    If your online retailer can't/won't, then a local shop can. I always get #50 so that it never gets confused with another player's ball.
  4. I order all 4 dozen with the number 2 every year,
  5. Thomas Y

    Thomas Y
    Wenham, MA

    Looks like you can get single digit numbers such as '4' but not in two digit form such as '04'.
  6. I did this last year on the ‘4 for 3’ offer and all my Pro V1’s were numbered 68.

    Only downside was that I needed to buy another dozen with normal numbering to use when hitting 3 of the tee or a provisional was required...

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