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By Ryan M

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    So excited to try the new tour soft. Last season I played the DT Trusoft, so I’m anxiously awaiting the snow to melt and feel the warmer weather on the fairways!

  2. ADeLucia
    Winston Salem NC

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    please share your thoughts! i would love to hear what you think about it
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    I had a chance to try the Tour Soft for the first time this morning. I played the front nine with the Tour Soft and the back nine with my ball (first generation Tru Soft). A bit of context first. I'm going on 70 yrs old, so my swing speed is not that great and the temps were in the 40s, so distance is a bit relative. I found the Tour Soft to be a good ball. Felt soft-ish on full shots and really soft on putts. It seemed to check up on chips/pitches although with my swing I don't put a lot of spin on the ball. However, with my game it did not produce a significant amount of extra distance compared to the Tru Soft. The Tru Soft also felt soft on full shots but seemed a touch harder on putts. The distance with the Tru Soft was pretty much equal to the Tour Soft. Overall the Tour Soft was a pretty good ball and probably would perform better for someone with a faster swing speed than I have. But with my retirement golf budget the price point for the Tru Soft will make it my go to ball. Fairways and greens.

    Mark F

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