Is the AVX going to the marketplace?

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By Bryan W

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  1. Bryan W

    Bryan W
    Leander, TX

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    Will the AVX ball be available in the marketplace? If yes, when is the launch? I wish there was some more information and marketing about it - even through I have been playing it since November... my stash is getting low.

  2. Roger H
    I, PA

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    A pro at the Edwin Watts store in Jacksonville recently told me the AVT ball "will" become a regularly produced product, and should be available nationwide in May. Obviously, this is somewhat hearsay and not coming from direct from Titleist, but I hope it's true!
  3. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    The marketing now is on the newly announced balls, so I doubt any release will be made soon that would affect that buzz. I found some online (2nd Swing is one) and have a stash of amber that should get me through this year. Next year? Will know by then if they come to market.
  4. Speedy
    Newmarket, NH

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    Hey Bryan, a few weeks ago I actually saw a FEW, a FEW dozens at my local pro shop in the 603... Since then I haven't seen anymore so who knows... With the new Tour Soft ball this will be interesting to see what happens...

    Thanks to Cathi, I have a dozen at home and can't wait to try them out at the end of the month when I play Streamsong with my boy Higs... It'll be fun...
  5. larry m
    columbiana, OH

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    I hope so
  6. Rex F
    Frankfort, KY

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    We have them here in a Municipal Golf Course Pro Shop in Frankfort KY. My guess is that they will or avail. to most now...
  7. peter a
    waquoit, MA

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    I toured the Titleist Ball Plant III on Friday afternoon. This plant is where Titleist makes the Pro V1, Pro V1x, and the new AVX ball. I can unequivocally state that the AVX is being manufactured and so will be distributed nationally, though when I don't know. Pretty amazing process to witness. The control, consistency, and quality are unmatched - The dedication of the employees and their vast years of experience (two employees have been building golf balls for over 50 years - Titleist has been manufacturing balls for about 80 years!) have created a powerful machine dedicated to providing ALL golfers with excellent golf balls..I asked our tour guide what the company views as their most formidable competitor from a technology prospective - Bridgestone!
  8. Bryan W
    Leander, TX

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    Thanks for all the updates - looking forward to the launch!

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