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By rick M

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  1. I see Titleist has released a Tour Soft ball. What happened to the AVX ball they released as a test model earlier? Is it still coming or dropped. I thought it as a pretty good ball.

  2. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    A lot of people are also wondering about the AVX. Web site still shows them as a limited release, but I played yesterday and the pro shop had a bunch for sale at the same price as Pro Vs. As a reference, I played at the same course several weeks ago and they didn't have any available. As with most new product introductions, we'll need to wait and see what happens.
  3. Fred C

    Fred C
    Mansfield, TX

    I beleive they are different balls. I've been playing the AVX for about a week now and will try the Tour Soft today. Based upon the Titleist ads, the Tour Soft is a two-piece ball with a large core and reactive cover to create a more "penetrating" ball flight, whereas the AVX appears to be a three-piece ball. It's has high speed, high launch, carries very well and performs well around the greens. I personally like it and may switch to the AVX full time and use the Tour Soft on windy days.
  4. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Still available in limited markets. I think they are still assessing results to determine what to do.
  5. Jonathan K

    Jonathan K
    Advance, NC

    I’m thinking the only reason Titleist didn’t introduce this ball at the PGA show is because they are currently producing this ball at an incredible rate. The problem, they still don’t have enough for a worldwide launch. Stay tuned. I typed this with fingers crossed because I love this ball and plan to switch from ProV1x. I never thought I would switch but the AVX performs beautifully for my game.
  6. 19hole

    Woburn, MA

    They are different balls. Expect to see the AVX later this year.
  7. David C

    David C
    Vicenza, Italy

    I have not tried either of the new balls. I am still really holding out for them to come out with a lower compression ball that spins like the old professionals used to. There was not a better ball out there then the professional 90 from 150 yards and in. I long for the days when the ball didn’t fly as far. What do you guys think?
  8. Dennis H

    Dennis H
    Spring Valley, WI

    My experience is that the AVX is a little less bothered by the wind than the Tour Soft. Just my observation.
  9. Doug E

    Doug E
    Urbana, MD

    I have been playing the AVX a lot of late and absolutely love it. Great in wind, which we seem to have a lot of in the winter here in MD. It has shallower dimples than other Titleist balls, which may have something to do with the way it performs in wind. I have not had the opportunity yet to play it in ideal conditions, ie. 80 degrees, firm fairways, receptive greens, no wind, etc. since it is winter, but based on what I have seen so far, I really do hope they launch these everywhere soon. I did hear talk about a new ball for 2019 at the PGA show, so it's possible this might be it. However, after the results I have seen with it, I don't really want to wait until then! Not that there is anything wrong with the 6 or 7 dozen new Pro Vs sitting in my locker. I'll likely be playing both the AVX (as long as I can get my hands on more) and the Pro V1 as the year moves forward. But, once the AVX is officially released, I'll have to go down one route or the other. That remains to be seen, but the AVX certainly has my attention right now.
  10. Rob V

    Rob V
    Silver Spring, MD

    Played the AVX in Florida recently and found that I drove them a little farther than the ProV1s at my 68 year old 92mph swing (on a cold and windy day). Struggled with my irons so no real opinion there as of yet. But loved the AVX from 100 yds and in. And they putted great - easy to put a pure roll on them. I sure hope these balls going in to full production soon - they are great! Titleist, don't tease us!!!
  11. J.R. F

    J.R. F
    La Porte, IN

    I got to try the AVX when my pro gave me a sleeve and asked for feedback. I thought that it was very similar to the PRO V1 in play. Unfortunately our season came to an end shortly after that. I never got to spend much time on the short game with it.
  12. Let me start by saying I am a titleist guy...from my 917D2 to my Newport 2.5 and played titleist balls back to the Balata days but, I play Chrome soft x now and have since they came out. Tried the AVX when they came out and would return to Titleist balls if they would produce the AVX and not just the limited run. This is a great ball. As for the Tour soft, unfortunately i'm not a fan....feels like the calloway supersoft....too soft and muted.

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