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By Mike B

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  1. Mike B

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    Is there a reason why I didn't get a link to provide feedback on the recent test golf Ball? Is it a random selection?

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    Mike, can you please describe the type of markings on the golf ball and the Titleist correspondence you received? We'll try to track down some more information for you.


  3. Roger W
    Hampton Cove, AL

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    I received my two sleeves in December. Received the comments request just a couple of weeks later and that made the comments limited to two rounds due to cold weather. The cold also affected performance. The “square” ball was a Velosity. Can’t confirm for sure because I didn’t cut it open, but I believe the “triangle” ball was a Soft Tour. It had reduced spin off the tee and was really nice around the greens. Oddly, it seemed to putt smoother than other balls. I say oddly, because this doesn’t seem like a distinguishing characteristic. Performance wise, and taking the cold into account, I would place it between a ProV1 and an NXT. I was so enamored with it that I keep playing with them until I finally lost all three.☹️ For sure I’m goin to start playing it.

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