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By Tereance E

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  1. Tereance E

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    Played the was certainly softer and longer off the tee. It was definitely noticeably longer with mid-irons due to the resuced spin. The soft feel around the greens and off the putter felt really good. I normally play the ProV1x. The AVX does perform as advertised; however it will take some getting used to...

  2. Steve B
    Centerville, IN

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    Thanks for the review. What will take getting used to? The increased distance, feel or both? I'm looking forward to trying them out but will have to wait until the temps get a little higher than 18 degrees!!
  3. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    Ah, for 18... (3 here in WI today). I had the same experience with increased distance on irons, over-hitting a couple of greens. I'll still need to work on a few rounds to see what I will be using if it ever gets warm again. I was planning on Pro-V1 on sunny days and AVX amber on cloudy days (vision issues) but they seem enough different I may have to stay with one for consistency.
  4. Steve N
    Chapin, SC

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    I tested a sleeve and agree the AVX is a very good ball. I received a dozen for Christmas and will be playing them after New Years!!!
  5. Tom P
    Stanley, NC

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    I have played 36 holes with the AVX optic yellow. However, I am having a hard time separating from the ProV1; even though I can see the yellow ball much better. For now, I plan to wait a few months for warmer weather and for Titleist to determine their final plans for the AVX. Based on the feedback I have read, I'm betting that they will add the AVX to their golf ball lineup, so I can do more side by side comparisons this coming spring. I'm also hoping that they will sell for at least $3 - $5 cheaper per dozen than the ProV1's.
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    I went to Snell balls as alternative to ProV's. My Club Pro recently asked me to try AVX. I have played this ball for three months. AVX is a great ball but not worth the cost.

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