How does Pro V1 or Pro V1x perform in cold weather?

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By Matt R

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  1. Matt R

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    I normally play NXT or NXT Tour because they tend to do well in the wind. I read a golf ball guide that ranked NXT Tour as one of the best balls to play in the cold weather. Would any of you know how the Pro V1 or Pro V1x compares in the cold?

  2. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    I don't play the ProV1x in cold weather and have only played it on occasions in warm weather. I have played the ProV1 in cold weather and it does as well if not better than anything else I have tried. Between the temps and all the extra clothes anything I play will be a club shorter than normal. ProV1's are in the bag every winter when we venture up to Bandon Dunes for some Scottish links golf.
  3. JCampbell
    Claremont, CA

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    I believe they both do very well in cold!! How cold is where you are playing?
  4. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    I play the Prov1 the year round, regardless of the temperatures and conditions. Also that is the ball I used when we went to Ireland in October a number of years ago.
  5. Dwayne N
    Island, KY

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    I too play the same ball year round. ProV1
  6. Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

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    So how cold are you talking about...30s, 40s or 50s? Since you say you normally play the NXT Tour, you might be better off sticking with it rather than changing balls. Depending on the temps and course conditions the Pro Vs will play similar to the NXT Tour, but shot stopping on the greens will be the most noticeable difference.
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    Here on the West Coast of BC for the last month, the Temps have been 6-10 degrees Celsius (40-50 Fahrenheit) and I have found both the ProV1 and ProV1x perform great! The greens are softer this time of the year, but I can still stop and drop em, and peel em back as well. I have also compared them against other balls and they have outperformed all of them. I am sure though any Titleist Ball you choose will perform well for you though.
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    Thank you for all the helpful replies! I am up here in Washington. It is starting to get cold around here especially in the mornings. Glad to hear that performance for Prov's in the cold still hold up. I think I might try both the next time I'm out to compare distance, spin, and overall performance in the cold.
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    I play the ProV all year round. I only notice a little distance variables with the weather. Just like to have the same consistent performance. Played yesterday in low 40’s temp and still performed as when I play in the hot summer. That’s why Titleist is #1.
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    Put a ball in your pocket beacuse sompthing warm will go further than sompthing cold. I've done this with my prov1 and it's done better than my opponents balls.
  11. nate l
    lees summit, MO

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    I play pro v 1x year round. I play a lot in the 30s. I keep the balls in my house so they are warm before we start. I also rotate balls in my pocket to make sure they are staying warmer.
  12. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    All golf balls lose 10% distance from 70F to 45F. A softer ball would just be for feel under more adverse conditions. Not that it would play better.
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    The ProV1 plays better than the ProV1x because its a little softer.
  14. Matt B
    Columbus, OH

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    I've played the new Pro V1x in the 40's and it does fine. My swing is typically a little slower this time of year being all bundled up. I use to play the X in the summer and switch to the V in the winter, before the new change to the Pro V lines. IMO playing a golf ball with a little more spin would help the ball launch & stay in the cold air better than a softer ball.
  15. Tom P
    Stanley, NC

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    I play the ProV1 year round in all temperatures, all conditions, and all locations. The adjustments that are necessary are compensated for by hitting less club, more club, and/or varying my ball position to adjust trajectory.
  16. greg p
    Algonquin, IL

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    I've played the ProV1 in temps as low as 35. Any loss of performance is more likely the result of multi layers of clothing and/or a stiffer swing.

    I normally pay a cheaper/colored ball in the winter. Less likely to lose and less likely to care if I do.
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    Have any of you tried the new Tour Soft? Curious how it compares to the old NXT golf balls.

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