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By Connor G

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  1. I see many people are getting sent the new Titleist avx golf ball how do I get on the ball testing list.

  2. They're not testing... they've bought them.

  3. JAM


    Has Titleist established a date for possible expansion to other states is they get a successful response?
  4. Jose E

    Jose E
    Hanford, CA

    I found out about the ball yesterday and had to go down and buy 2 Dozen and I had to just go down and play a round today and I gotta say they are great. Love them! They have great feel and performance to them.
  5. bob r

    bob r
    Bartlett, TN

    In Florida last week and bought 2 dozen AXV's. Have played 3 rounds with the ball. Feels great, but the cover is not holding up to wedge shots. My grooves are about six months old and eating the covers up. Had the same problem with the nxt's.
    Will stick to the Pro V1, best ball made by far!
  6. Big_Ben

    Rochester, MN

    I would love to try them out, but unfortunately they’re not available near me and I can’t justify spending $25+ on eBay. Guess I’ll just hope for a wide release in the future.
  7. Greg L

    Greg L
    Dallas Tx

    Based on the Titleist site - "Availability of Titleist AVX is limited to a test market in participating golf shops in California, Arizona, and Florida".
  8. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    I talked to one of the Titleist reps in our area and he is really impressed with the ball. He has played the ball and he said it is definitely a player. Put away those Chrome Soft balls, guys. This ball is very long.
  9. Dwayne N

    Dwayne N
    Island, KY

    Any plans to sell in midwest
  10. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Dwayne N said:

    Any plans to sell in midwest

    For now, the official stance is CA, AZ, and FL and only at selected sites. The PGA show is at the end of January - and time for the non-Pro-V ball updates. Titleist is looking for feedback (where you play golf 12 months a year w/o hand warmers) on acceptance and feedback. Can't wait until then to find out.

  11. Ron B

    Ron B
    Los Osos, CA

    Just bought a dozen AVX balls today to test. Got the optic yellow (essentially the same color as the NXT Tour S optic yellow) - very visible. Played today (as a single) - tested mostly greenside short game vs. Pro V1 and used it putting. First impressions: Great sound and feel. As soft or softer than the NXT Tour S. Ball rolls off the putter face with great feel - but still with sufficient sound feedback. Ball checks up on greenside shots even better than a Pro V1 - I was amazed at that. Didn't compare many full swing shots (nursing a sore back), but when I did, it seemed to work well. My last full shot was a downwind 7-iron over a bunker to the back shelf on an elevated green on my final hole. Ball hit, took one hop and stopped. I don't usually count on being able to do that. (Missed the 15 foot birdie putt, but a good stroke, great roll.) Looking forward to testing it more. But from what I saw today around the greens, it is a great ball. Will compare more full shots next time out.
  12. John G

    John G
    Napa, CA

    We were talking about these today at my course during lunch. My guess is that they are the ProV1’s the pros play, rebranded for the general public at a higher cost.
  13. jim h

    jim h
    White Plains, MD

    my pro told me about these. they're going to replace the nxt line since it's not doing as well as they wanted
  14. Carl D

    Carl D
    Bradenton, FL

    I wanted to try the ball but they priced them at $ 60.00 per dozen. Forget it there is no golf ball worth that amount.
  15. I have played 4 rounds with the new AVX ball and picked up 10+ yards with my driver and 5-10 years with all my irons . . . . my handicap is 9.2. Love the ball and have bought 3 dozen.
  16. Forgot to mention that in addition to the longer distance, they played just like my PRO V1 with the wedges. Great ball . . . . not sure if there is room for 3 great balls at the same price in the Titleist lineup. Could get confusing for first time buyers.
  17. Played the AVX today. The ball seems to jump off the face. Seen a greater distance that the compare I was testing against.

    Wedge shots check up great. A few 60 degree one hop and stop on the green. Something my other ball refused to do.

    Would definitely play the ball.
  18. Best ball I've ever played in 25 yrs. 20 yds longer with driver and one club longer with mid to low mid irons. Great all a round golf ball performs and holds up to play without scuffing...

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