How to Tell Year of ProV's

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By Ronald H

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  1. Ronald H
    Sandy, UT

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    Just for curiosity, somewhere someone posted photos of ProV's and their alignment markings with the year they were manufactured. Does anyone have these photos?

  2. Ralph C
    Portland, ME

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    If you look carefully at any Titleist (or Pinnacle) ball, you'll notice there are three (I think, I don't have a ball here with me at Starbucks) small letters or numbers inside the dimples, usually close to the Titleist script. My assumption is that these identify the date of manufacture (perhaps the mold, or machine, as well).
    Perhaps someone from Acushnet could help explain that? I realize that may be proprietary information, if I'm even close to being correct, so you may have to do a little detective work, yourself.
  3. Ralph C
    Portland, ME

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    Just look at the putting line and google the years , they usually realease a ball every other year
  5. Tony H

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    I hope this helps.
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