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By LNeil

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  1. LNeil


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    Can anyone reccomend what ball would be best for me: would like to try out one of the pro balls to see if can improve my game by any and was wondering what ball would be best.

    I hit the ball about 220 yards with my driver and around 155 yards with my 7 iron.

    My driver I hit high in the air and have a bit of a fade on the driver shot.

    I've thought about going for the x to get more spin around greens but it's meant to have a higher flight which may not suit as I want to hit the ball lower in the air.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.


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    Besides getting fitted for a golf ball which I've never done before but have heard is a good experience. I would buy a sleeve of each. Take them to the course play a round with one and then play another round with the other ball. Compare them and see how each ball performs for you. I played with Pro V1's for a long time, I switched to Pro V1x's recently and couldn't be happier. Might be a good idea to simulate different shots by dropping balls in the rough, fairway, sand traps, etc. to see how the balls perform for you as well. Best of luck.

  3. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    Prov1 might be the ball for you, but if there is a Ball Fitting in your area, that would be an excellent place to validate you need.

    Which ball? Prov1 or Prov1x? Check out this link:

    Ball fitting link:
  4. Deno
    Hawthorne, NJ

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    You should play with each ball and see which Pro V suits your game. I play the PV1x and play it further back in my stance for a lower trajectory when the shot requires it. A complete ball fitting would really help you decide. The "ball fitting" tab can help you get started. Good luck
  5. Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

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    Best advice, buy a sleeve of each and compare them on the course to see which suits your game best.
  6. Todd T
    San Diego, CA

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    Best guess is to look here for a ball fitting.. Secondarily, buy a sleeve of both and word backwards from green to the tee (driver)!
  7. rymail00
    plattsburgh, NY

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    This is kind of a tough question to answer going off what you listed. But I'll give my best "suggestion" or maybe how to find the right ball (again it's only a suggestion).

    Honestly if you can buy a box, or even a sleeve or 2 of both, I really think that'd be your best bet. I don't where your located, and if a ball fitting on a launch monitor is possible, but if it is I'd say that'd be the best way to go about. If a fitting is not posible, the fitter had me hit first 50 yard ***, then 7 irons, and then driver last. So maybe use those 3 shots as a bar on what to use as a comparison between the 2 models. Personally over the last few years I've bounced back between the V and VX, every few months, especially with the last gen Pro V/X model. But I just did a ball fitting last month on Trackman and was fit into the new gen Pro V1. And being fit into a ball really helped taking the guessing out of thinking "is this the right ball for me?" And that gives me that small amount of extra confidence that I'm playing the best ball for my game, and that's just 1 less thing I have to worry about.

    So either get fit if possible, or run both models through a demo would be my suggestion.

    Hope this was somewhat helpful...
  8. John T
    Youngstown, OH

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    Without seeing your swing and from what you describe, I would probably lean toward the V1 as it would spin less. The only way to find out is to get a sleeve of each and try them out side by side on the course and see which one you prefer!
  9. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    If you can't locate a ball fitting, then the suggestions about trying both is the next best. Do make sure you trial the 2017 released balls. While there are 2015 leftovers at some retailers, the difference between the 2 Pro-V1 versions is dramatic. Definitely not the same ball in a new box.
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    I hit ProV1x and I love them but I would suggest playing a few holes with each type
    Get a sleeve of both and play the front 9 with one and the back 9 with the other
    Best of luck! Hit them straight
  11. Liam T
    Dunwoody, Georgia

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    I have noticed with the x's that you would have to have a faster swing speed for them to "work." I play with the PRO V1 and I love the soft feel.
  12. richard f

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    Pro v1 seems to have a lower flight than the x , from my personal experience
  13. LNeil

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    Sorry I’ve not logged on in a while, thanks for the reply’s folks. I’ll buy a sleeve or two of each type and experiment. I’m a high handicapper so maybe they’ll get lost too much , any alternatives that are a little cheaper with similar stats?

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