Project X 6.0 Shafts

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By Johnny T

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  1. Johnny T
    Van Alstyne, TX

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    This may be a stupid question but is there any difference between the Project X 6.0 7C3 shaft and the Project x 6.0 8C4 shaft as far as stiffness? Or is the only difference in weight? Also, how would it affect the stiffness of either shaft if you cut 1" off the tip end or 1" off the butt end? Thanks.

    Johnny T.


  2. ksprecher
    Scarborough, NY

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    Weight is the main difference and the heavier shaft will play stiffer. Cutting 1" off the tip with make a big different in the stiffness, where cutting it off the butt end will make a much smaller difference.


    Thanks for the question,


  3. Mike S
    Denham Springs, LA

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    I’m a 9.1 index. I recently purchased the AP1 718. I had the 716s and had a XP 90 shaft, in the 718 s I have a project X 6.0 . What is the difference or advantage? The new shafts seem heavy, and stiff.

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