tip size for ap2 irons

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By david t

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  1. reshafting my irons for better ball flight. but i need to know the tip size for my irons. do the all come standard or are there different sizes? .370 or .355

  2. Titleist irons use a .355 taper tip shaft

  3. Matthew R

    Matthew R
    San Marcos, CA

    My son uses the 2009 AP2 irons and he wants to put X100 shafts in them.  What is the proper specification for the shafts needed to get this done.  Thanks Cathi

    Matthew Rebmann - San Marcos, CA


  4. Hi Matthew, All our Titleist irons will use .355 taper tipped shafts (including X100's).  If you would like us to do the reshaft for you, please have your pro shop call and our Repair department can set that up for you.  If you need more information, give us a call at Team Titleist - 1-888-TITLEIST.  Thanks,Cathi. 


  5. Bill R

    Bill R
    Bolivar, MO

    Cathi, Titleist Club Concierge said:

    Titleist irons use a .355 taper tip shaft

    Are you sure that every AP2 has .355 hosel? I ordered previous model AP2 w/S200 Sensicore in early 2009 and it was .370. It even said S200U on the label. Maybe a head designed to take a graphite shaft?

    Not meaning to be nitpicking but I've always wondered about it ever since that day.

  6. Hi Bill,  All Titleist irons for many years have used a .355 taper tipped shaft (including our graphite shafts).  Not sure where you ordered your original AP2 irons, but if they were from an authorized Titleist pro shop, we would be happy to inspect them for you.  Just go to your pro shop and have them set up a warranty inspection. 

  7. Bill R

    Bill R
    Bolivar, MO

    Hello, that set is no longer in my possession but I did order them from my PGA club pro who has Acushnet account and on Titleist staff. Looking at the pictures, the serial number of the entire set is 07NQC. When I ordered this set as, 

    AP1 3 & 4 iron w/Sensicore S200, label reads as S200

    AP2 4-P w/Sensicore S200, label reads as S200U on every shaft of this AP2 which would indicate parallel shafts

    Vokey OilCan 52* & 58 w/Sensicore S200(I think) label reads as S200. 

    Perhaps the label was applied incorrectly? I still have the pictures of the set on my computer. I've ordered so many clubs from Titleist and this is the only set that looked weird.

  8. I spoke to our production manager who has been with us for many years and he says that (as you guessed)  it is probably a mislabeled shaft.

  9. Bill R

    Bill R
    Bolivar, MO

    Cathi, thanks for this info. Don't you think that quality control department will let this pass through their inspections? ;-)


  10. Do ALL titleist irons use tapered shafts? I enquired at my local pro shop and they said my 716 AP1s take a parallel tip shafts.
  11. All Titleist irons since the 80's have used .355 taper tipped shafts including all AP1's, AP2's, CB, MB's and T-MB's.
  12. I have a set of AP2 Irons what is the tip size ,because i need them Re Shafted.
  13. I have ap2 with DG S300 and would like to change the shaft in them to Project X. If I sent them in how long would it take and how much would be the cost??

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