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By AWells

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  1. I have booked an appt. for a Titleist Thursday in order to get fit for a new driver as I play a much older driver 910 D2 and I am currently striking it well, but for some reason I dont think I am getting all the efficiency out of it. Now for my silly question. I have noticed the major retailers have dropped thier prices on the TS2 (thats the one i think i really want). So what I am wondering is the price drop directed from the manufacturer? and when I go for my fitting, if I fit within say a stock category, would me ordering it from Titleist be the same price as the retail store?

    Honestly I would rather support Titleist and order it from them. But if theres a 150-200 dollar difference, I probably would be silly to do so. Any information on this would be awesome, and thank you in advance.

  2. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    You can go to the fitting and then purchase wherever you want, even if your specs aren't "stock". Regardless of where you purchase, you are still supporting Titleist.
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Titleist has decreased the price of the TS series to all dealers. For price, this is the IDEAL time to get fit and order a TS club fit to your current swing. This window will last until they start taking orders for whatever the designation is for the next series. In the old normal, this would have been sometime in September.

    You will never be forced to buy Title1st off the rack from a large retailer in order to get a discount you can't get from your local pro shop for a custom order of current clubs. Large retailers have to respect minimum suggested retail prices. Because they are carrying inventory, some large retailer sites will push off the rack to clear stock, not that they can't special order at the same price.
  4. Stock on hand prices are about $50 less than the special order price - the ts line had a price drop so even if you special order you wouldn't be paying the original price.

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