Ts1 with 50 gram Kuro Kage ts2 shaft

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By vince A

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  1. I have replaced my TS1 45 gram shaft with a ts2 50 gram shaft, I feel it has better dispersion and straighter. I really struggle with distance. I can hit my 7 iron 150-160, PW 120-125, but driver I don’t seem to get more than 225 out of it. I have played with loft and lie but with no real improvement. Need some suggestions

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Were you fit for the TS1? It provides a little more spin and is more draw biased than the other clubs. It is not necessarily longer than a TS2. For slower swing players, the light weight can add 2-3 more mph than with a TS2, so it can add 10 yards for those of us speed challenged. I didn't get a 7Iron in AP3 as far as 150 yards, more like 135. But I'm happy getting 225 yards with a TS1. There may be some swing changes that may help - but a good instructor with an electronic monitor can tell you better if that is a reasonable distance or what it would take to improve your driver distance.
  3. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    A lot of the lighter shafts launch the ball high, but they also create more spin. This could be the issue with your drives, a lower launching shaft that creates less spin may help you to add some distance. Best advice, work with a Titleist fitter to get your driver set-up so it's helping you.
  4. I would have a fitter look at your descent angle (degree the ball lands on the fairway) the ts1 is a great driver for those needing more height, but for those that height is not a problem it can balloon too much. Ideal descent is typically between 35-40* with a driver. If i had to guess you may be losing distance if your descent is higher - which for guys needing to get that number up the ts1 has been an absolute home run of an option.

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