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By dan t

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  1. dan t

    dan t

    Hi All have a 913 with phenom RIP 70g stiff flex shaft I like it but my ball balloons from time to time climbs very high club head speed is approx 95 mph and typical drives for me are all carry of 220-230 yards with no roll.... I am a 15 handicap..... I have tried this driver in all combos as well as adding loft and adding loft made the problem I am having more worse....

    I have switched to a 917 D2 9.5* (incredible) and put my RIP Phenom in .... i have a fuji fuel here 60 G supposed to be low launch, however still no rollout....

    What shaft would someone recommend whereas I can get more roll and a bit flatter trajectory I have my driver set up one click to the left standard 9.5* loft

    I have gone through all the shafts on the titleist page... In my 917 F2 15* I have an aldila MSI 95 rogue 70 stiff and its great and in my 818 hybrid I have a tensei CK blue 70 stiff... which again for that club is incredible....


  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Before you invest another $100+ in another shaft, you should consider getting fit for a TS driver. You may do better with a TS3 (while you can still get fit and get $100 off the original price) and an adequate launching shaft. Then sell your 913 and 917 (and extra shafts). The total investment may not be much more, but you won't need to continue to experiment.

    At an outdoor fitting location, the fitter will also look at your angle of attack. You might be hitting up too much on the ball, and your balloons may be from hitting too high on the face. That person may find you only need to move the ball a little back in your stance and save you from buying any new equipment. But take that person's word for it. If Titleist maintains their driver schedules in spite of the pandemic, custom build, current version TS drivers may not be an option much after Labor Day.

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