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By Michael V

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  1. I have an SM6 60 degree Vokey wedge (60.10 S Grind) and play great with it. I recently purchased an SM8 58 degree Vokey wedge (58.12 D Grind) after a fitting with Titleist about 4 months ago to get a wedge for a similar purpose as I use the SM6. However, I have gone back to using the SM6, as I have not been able to get used to and comfortable with the new SM8 wedge.

    Given the above, if I wanted to try again with the SM8, does anyone have any recommendations as to what specs I should get with the SM8 to match my current set up with the SM6. Is it as simple as just ordering the SM8 60 degree Vokey wedge in 60.10S (or if I wanted the 58 degree loft - 58.10S) or did the technology between the SM6 and SM8 change enough such that the 60.10S in the SM8 will not work like my SM6 60.10S?

    Thank you!

  2. WMatherly

    Greensboro, NC

    The D grind might be to much bounce, I would recommend the M grind for a 58/60 with 8* of bounce, it allows more playability, and I’ve found personally I blade it much less with this grind.

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