TS3 Driver, closed face angle at impact. WHY?!

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By NSheedy

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  1. I have a TS3 9.5, with a Hzrdus smoke 70g, 6.0. Its 44inches, (1.5 shorter than standard). I have the loft and lie set to B4 (high draw), also a +6g weight with the magnet set on the toe side.

    Question: I'm getting a closed face angle compared TS3 3 wood with the same settings. In face it's pretty dramatic, my face angle on my 3wood is avg +2.0 at impact while my driver is at around -3.0. I'm confused.

    Any ideas?


  2. Shorter the shaft the easier to "square up" the clubface. Is your 3wd standard length or shortened as well? Try a standard length next to yours, my guess is the face will not be as closed. Could be many things from ball position, swing path, mechanics, - i have fit guys that are substantially in to out with their irons, then totally opposite out to in with their woods.
  3. Mike M

    Mike M
    Salem MA

    I'm confused too! A 5 degree difference is substantial.Hopefully someone from Titleist will weigh in on this one.Without seeing your swing, I'd be speculating.If I had to guess, I'd say you might be manipulating the club face closed at impact with your hands. It probably doesn't feel that way until you see the ball squeeze low and left (I'm assuming).That said, I have 2 questions; is the variance in face angle only at impact, and is the driver the only club affected?
  4. Trackman data:
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  5. It's difficult to say what's going on exactly, but your path numbers are completely different too, so there is definitely more at play than just clubface control. My advice is go and see a PGA pro with a trackman.

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