How to reduce spin w/ irons

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By SegaSama

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  1. SegaSama

    Honolulu, HI

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to reduce spin with irons. I was custom fit. Here are some track man numbers with a 7 iron. Club head speed is average of 96mph. Path is +1. Angle of attack is -4. Spin is hovering just above 10,000rpm. I have a 718 AP2 with KBS c tapper x shaft 1/2” short 1* strong 2* flat.

  2. At that speed (which is higher than the pga tour average) you will always have a lot of spin. Your attack angle is a good number, your divot depth can also change your spin. The first thing I would look at is your angle of descent for a 7 iron ideal is between 45-50, but at your speed you will likely be 51-52 - which is fine. If you are higher than 55 then some further adjustments could help.
  3. Hunter E

    Hunter E

    Everything in terms of numbers look good. I would suggest looking at a lower spinning golf ball if you haven't already.

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