Blending T200 and T100

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By Tim S

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  1. I want to blend these sets at the 6 or 7 iron but the gaps would be way off. What's the best way to blend these sets?

  2. You will likely have two clubs with the same number on them, but play a club length different. For instance two 7 irons in the bag even though the loft on one is 30* and the other is 34*. Or you could adjust the lofts +/- 2* throughout the set and blend them that way. (Too many combinations to list) I tried the blended set with AP2's in the 3,4 and 5 and MB's in the 6-9. Lofts were close enough I didnt have an issue, but prefer my current T100's 4-P at 2* strong throughout the set and play vokeys 48/52/56/60. Several tour players have two different 4 irons in the bag (one part of the set and then a game improvement strong lofted iron as the other 4)
  3. Jason R

    Jason R
    Ottawa, ON

    Good discussion on blending of 718 Series irons here:

    and here:

    I also remember a fitting guide or something that gave specific guidance on blending sets but I cannot seem to find it.

    Hope that helps. Jason
  4. Bryan P

    Bryan P
    Maumelle, AR

    Hi Tim, I'm a Titleist Club Fitter, and as Dave stated, there are multiple ways to blend sets. However, I actually just ordered the blended set your asking about. I'm not saying my setup works for everyone, but just to give you an idea, this is how I blended mine. I ordered the T100's (7 - W) at 2* strong(fyi..2* strong is as strong as you can order), the 4 - 6 at 1* weak. Only issue I had was I had to redo my wedges. I had been playing 50, 54 and 58, and now I've switched to 52(bent to 53), and 58(bent to 57). Hope this helps.
    Below is how mine are setup.

    T100's 7 - 32° 8 - 36° 9 - 40° PW - 44° W - 48°
    T200's 4 - 22° 5 - 25° 6 - 28°

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