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By Barry M

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  1. Barry M

    Barry M
    Reno, NV

    Just picked up my new TS2 driver 9.5° with stiff Tensei AV Blue shaft. Went to the golf shop with my old 915 D2 driver with 10.5 loft and Matrix MFS x5 white tie 50 gram stiff shaft and did a straight over comparison with the TS2 in 10.5 loft using regular and stiff Kuro Kage and Tensei blue shafts. After warm-up we started the fitting process, and narrowed it down to the Kuro Kage stiff with the loft adjusted down to D1 (-.75°). Launch angle was around 22°, still had a little too much spin but averaging 12-16 yard gain. Switched out with my Matrix shaft and about the same results but narrowed up the dispersion. I requested to try the 9.5 loft set at A1 to see the difference. Running through the same shafts we ended up with Tensei AV blue stiff shaft. Launch angle 14° to 17° and spin 2200 to 2600. Went from 240 to 248 yard drives with my old club to 258 to 264 yards. Switched back to my Matrix shaft and almost identical numbers. At 62 years old I was a bit hesitant dropping to a 9.5° and getting the stiff shaft, but can't argue the numbers. SOLD. Curious whether this is typical results for the TS2 driver.

  2. Chris92009

    Cincinnati, Ohio

    Congrats....I was also very impressed with the new driver. I thought my 917 D2 was one of the best drivers that Titleist had ever made however once I hit the TS2....Whoa! I realized that somehow Titleist had someway improved upon the previous driver.

    Have fun with your new driver!
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    For the 910-915 for me, it was simply a debate to use the M or M+ in A or R flex. The 917 was still the M but in stiff, and the TS2 is now the Tensai Blue R flex. These last 2 series are enough different from their predecessors that what you used previously is only at best a starting point to get fitted for these beasts. I had a terrible fitter for the 913 (me) so the 917 D2 gained me almost 20 yards, and the TS2 added another 13 yards (4 mph) on top of that. These last 2 fittings were at TPI so I had to trust them and glad I did.

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