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    My spin numbers with a 65 gram evenflow x stiff shaft with the new ts3 at dicks sporting goods had my spin numbers nothing less than 5500rpm and as high as 8750rpm. Maybe my swing is too steep? Maybe dicks launch monitor is trash?

    How can I reduce my spin numbers without adjusting the club? Launch angle at about 10-14 degrees with a 8.5 degree head. Clubhead speed at 115 average and smash factor consistent at 1.37-1.48.

    Flatter swing? Its evident im hitting up on ball. Making great contact. Ball going straight. Perfect trajectory. Etc. But its hitting a wall at 240 and dropping out of the sky. On the course i average 260-290 drives but i really dont get much roll out at all. Sometimes the ball hops back a couple inches on wetter fairways. Not often but it happens. I hit my 3w about 250-280. 2i Tmb about 230-260. So on...

    Any help?!

  2. I would first look at strike, low in the face could be jumping the spin rate up. Then I would suggest learning about Spin loft and how to control dynamic loft.


    There are some great golf vloggers that talk about dynamic loft and how to control it.

  3. I would suggest finding another place other than Dicks Sporting Goods if you want to see your launch monitor numbers. I am not sure you would be hitting it that far with that much spin. Something is not right there.

    I have a club head speed of 95, launch of 11.5 and 2400 spin with 240 carry and 261 total. This was at a shop that uses Trackman. With a miss hit I get up to 3000+spin and I drop down to a 220yd carry or less. 4000+ spin would definitely be less than 200yd carry for me. Spin really kills the ball. Those spin numbers are closer to 5 Iron for 5500spin and an 8 or 9 iron for 8750 spin.

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