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By Corey T

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  1. Corey T

    Corey T

    I'm curious if anyone has switched from the 915D2 to a TS2 and if so did you order your TS2 in the same loft (and configure with the same settings)? It appears that the Titleist Thursdays have ended in my area so I wasn't able to do a fitting.

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    They are enough different to get a fitting (my preference being outdoors). With a different weighting system, new stock shafts, and a standard length now 45.5 inches, there's no apples to apples conversion here. And in my case, the 12 degree is NLA and is now 11.5. But that's ok, it still launches better than before.
  3. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    I did switch from a 915D2 to the TS2 and yes I ordered it with the same loft and hosel settings. I worked with my fitter on getting everything dialed in during my fitting session. This is the fourth time I have worked on new club(s) with my fitter, so he knows my swing pretty well. We tried 5 different shafts with the TS2 before finally settling on the one which gave me the best overall numbers. Even though my loft and hosel settings with my TS2 are the same as my 915, the shaft selection was not something that I expected going into the fitting session, which is why getting fit is important. Even though Titleist Thursdays are done for the season, find a Titleist fitter in your area and set up a fitting session.
  4. JAM


    Hey Barry B,

    Please let the rest of us know the outcome of your fitting. I also play the 915 D2 and am considering the TS2. Thanks.
  5. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    Fitting was great, had it back in Sept and have played 8 or 9 rounds with the TS2 so far. I don't remember all my numbers exactly, but launch angle was right around 14*, spin came down about 600 - 700 rpm, ball speed went up to just over 150 mph avg and I added 20 total yards. So I ended up going with the HZRDUS Smoke 60 5.5 shaft because it gave me the best overall performance (even compared to my GDI G60 that is in my 915) and I was a bit shocked because I didn't think it would be a good shaft for me going into the session. It just reinforced for me how important it is to get fit.
  6. Does anyone have any impressions good bad indifferent about getting fit at Golf Galaxy
  7. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Steve L said:

    Does anyone have any impressions good bad indifferent about getting fit at Golf Galaxy

    The staff at the stores are not universally qualified. So, like going to a local pro shop you get to know, you would need to do the same to get to know who you want to fit you. The machines provide a lot of data, but the person reading it makes all the difference.
    That said, I have my own personal preferences. I like to see what the flight looks like, and if the club is supposed to work off of turf, I'd rather be fit on turf, not mats. Lastly, depending on the store, you may be encourage to buy "sets" off the rack. I only carry 6-P in irons and they want to sell 4-W or 3-P. At 68 and being LH, none of their floor models/rack options ever have the shaft/head combinations that fit me or aren't even an option as all they carry are RH in some clubs.
    I need a bumper sticker "Support your Local Pro Shop".
  8. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    I personally don't feel like getting fit using the equipment at a typical GG is optimum. I like to be outdoors so I can see my actual ball flight and be able to get my fitting numbers (launch angle, spin, club head speed, ball speed, etc...) from Trackman. If you can't find a fitter near you that is able to do outside fittings with trackman, then getting fit at GG will have to suffice.
  9. Amanda S

    Amanda S

    Any idea when the TT start up again, early spring maybe?
  10. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    The dates tend to move north like "the first day of spring". You'll likely have options 3-4 weeks before we do in WI.
  11. Amanda S

    Amanda S

    Sorry, i changed my address on my profile, but i didn’t realize i had to change my location also, so i updated it now, as i am in Texas for now.

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