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By cgetsinger

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  1. I could not wait and ordered a TS2 based on last shaft recommendation. Went to a PGAsuperstore to test. Actually lost 1 mph swingspeed but gained 8 yards. Clubhead speed was embarrassing. 95. Launch angle 17+ When will an opportunity to get fitted be in my area(29928)

  2. Hi, We started our Titleist Thursday fittings for TS around the country on Sept 1 and unfortunately, most all have been completed except for sun belt locations. We do have a Premier fitter in Bluffton, SC at Belfair Golf Club. His name is Jason Heintschel and you can contact him for scheduling and pricing. 843-757-0715. Here is a link to check out other fitters:
  3. Frank P

    Frank P
    Port St. Lucie, FL

    Hi Cathi, any idea when Titleist Thursday's will begin in Florida?

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