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By Timo J

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    Hello! I have planned to buy new irons I think AP3

    my clubhead speed average is 85 mph with iron 7 I think AMT black shaft.

    what is difference between regular and stiff shaft flex ? i know torque if little bit higher in regular. I mean is the flying curve quite similar between S300 and R300 shaft ?

  2. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    Once you get into a shaft line, the torque difference will modify how much "snap" there is to the club head. Based on transition and club head speed, too little torque will have the head rotate too much and result in a wider dispersion pattern. Too much torque and the head will not flex as much, potentially losing some distance and leaving the club head open through contact, tending to a fade. Short of a shaft marked "upcharge" or "exotic", Titleist clubs are the same per club regardless of off the rack, "standard" shaft, or custom - n/c, so it pays to get fit to get the correct shaft in length, weight, and flex for your swing.

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